Makeup Removal Mistakes

For most women, makeup removal is a hated routine process that needs to be performed simply because “a beautician says so.” This procedure takes exactly one minute of their time; women hastily wipe waterproof beauty products off their face. Is it a surprise then that the skin condition is far from being ideal?


Golden beauty rules proclaim that makeup should be removed immediately upon coming home. But how many of you, dear women, follow this advice? Don’t you remove cosmetics just before going to bed? Sometimes you are so sleepy that routine skin care procedures can even be skipped.

However, if you treat makeup removal responsibly and select special means thoughtfully, it’s just wonderful! Still, even this approach does not always guarantee a perfect reflection in the mirror. Why is that? Because many of us make mistakes in such a seemingly simple procedure as makeup removal. We may discuss it for you to always be on the top!

You use makeup removal wipes

This is a quick and convenient way to remove makeup from the skin, but it has no relation to a balanced complex care. Such wipes are designed primarily to remove cosmetics from the face when there is no warm water and gentle beauty products available.

Almost all of the wipes remove only the top layer of makeup, not cleaning the skin properly. As a result, the pores become clogged, the greasy secret gets darker, and unsightly dark spots appear on your face.

You do not remove the hair from your forehead

Have you ever thought about why acne constantly appears in the same place on your forehead? What is the reason? It turns out that this is due to lack of cleansing!

When you remove makeup, you must collect your hair in a ponytail or a bun or wear a hair tie (a headband). This will give you full access to the skin up to the hairline. Every centimeter of skin deserves your attention.

You do not remove mascara correctly

For your eyelashes to be long, beautiful, and fluffy, it is not enough to take care of them with the help of special means. It is also necessary to know how to remove mascara and eyeliner from the eyelashes. To do this, close your eyes and make a neat wiping movement using a sponge with milk or any other product in the direction of eyelash growth. You will not only remove the makeup, but also warn a micro trauma of the sensitive eyelid skin and the loss or breakage of eyelashes.

Lipstick is the last thing you remove from your face

If your lipstick has a thick oily texture or contains the substances that ensure stability, there is always a risk that particles of cosmetics will fall on the skin after removing makeup from the face. One awkward movement – and the lipstick is smeared, which means the cleaning should be carried out again. All of this could be prevented. Just wash the lipstick first.

You do not take into account the eyelid skin sensitivity

The skin around the eyes is very delicate, whimsical, and sensitive. Take the least aggressive products to remove makeup and use the only true way of makeup removal. Close your eyes and put a sponge with a cosmetic product on the eyelids, wait for a minute and pat the skin. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated. Rubbing the eyelid skin – even along the massage lines – is strictly prohibited. You do not want to get early wrinkles and meet the new day with bloodshot eyes, do you?

You use cotton balls

Our grandparents used cotton balls for many cosmetic procedures, so you do not see anything wrong in removing makeup from the skin with plain wool. However, medical wool is formed of a plurality of tiny fibers. While rubbing the skin, these fibers can stay there and even get into the eyes. In order to avoid the unpleasant consequences, remove makeup from the face with the help of special cotton discs. They are well-compressed and have a firmer texture.

You clean the skin only once

In the East, a dual system of skin cleansing is adopted, and it is a reasonable approach. You have to be 100 percent sure that your skin is completely clean. Only in this case a night cream can be applied. It penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and provides its cells with all the necessary hydration and nutrition. Only perfectly clean skin can recover and regenerate while you sleep.

Therefore make it a rule to clean the skin twice, each time using a clean sponge and a sufficient portion of the cleaning agent.