Makeup Brushes Guide

Millions of women use makeup every day, but still they do not know why they use this or that brush. Let us deliver an educational report.


  1. A large brush for compact or loose powder. Natural fiber is recommended.
  2. A brush for blush. Natural fiber is recommended.
  3. A fan brush. It is used to swipe dry particles of makeup off the face. The brush is used to remove crumbled shadows with light movements without spreading them. Natural fiber is recommended.
  4. A large oblique brush for blush and the correction of cheekbones. Natural fiber is recommended.
  5. A brush for contour correction. Natural fiber is recommended.
  6. A brush for mixing shadows is used to gently combine shades. It is suitable for making an eye socket arc over the moving eyelid.
  7. A small oblique brush for nose correction.
  8. A brush for foundation, for liquid correctors. Only synthetic fiber is used.
  9. Kabuki brush for powdery or compact makeup. It absorbs powder perfectly well and is easily mixed.
  10. A large brush for shadows. A large brush for shading is used to apply light shadows over a large eyelid area. A similar smaller brush is used to apply different shades of shadows, picking up the right brush size.
  11. A short flat brush for shading. It is used for soft spreading of the shadows along the eyelid.
  12. A brush for shading eye shadows. Natural fiber is recommended.
  13. A lip brush is used to design the contour for applying a lipstick. Synthetic fiber is recommended.
  14. A brush for “stretching” the line of eyes – to stretch the line of shadows or a pencil.
  15. A brush for softening the pencil line.
  16. An oblique brush to soften the pencil line.
  17. A brush for shading. Natural fiber is recommended.
  18. A small brush for liquid concealers. It is used for spot correction and the correction of small areas of the face.
  19. An oblique brush for eyebrows. This oblique brush can be used to shade the eyebrow pencil or correct eyebrows gently with the help of shadows.
  20. A brush for eyebrows.
  21. A sponge (applicator). It is used for applying dry or liquid eye shadows.
  22. A brush for eyebrows.