Latest Lip Makeup Trend: Beef Lips

Lips made up with chocolate and pink lip products were nicknamed “beef lips”.

We are not talking about the new type of plastic surgery or another exotic dish. We mean the technique of accentuating the beef lips. It consists in making the contour dark brown, with the center light beige or even pink. Thus, you get medium-rare beef steak: with a dark crust and a light “core”.

The trend has already been called another return to the 1990s. If you remember, everyone loved chocolate lipsticks and dark lip liners. It was believed that they can make the mouth visually larger. Today, many celebrities, such as the Kardashian-Jenner clan, are promoting this trend.

Nevertheless, with all the nostalgia, the same trend was named one of the most ridiculous in 2020 (although it is difficult to compete with the Tiny Face style image) – few people really find it suitable and it looks very unnatural. We suggest looking at the store shelf (preferably online) and choosing win-win options for the lips.

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