Latest Eye Makeup Trend: Puppy Eyeliner

Meet the new Puppy Eyeliner trend that will make you forget about classic upward eyelines. Another Korean beauty trend has been discovered! According to the new trend, girls do not lift the tip of the lineup, but, on the contrary, bend it down.

This technique, especially in combination with large and round eyes (that’s what we are talking about), really reminds of the wide-opened and pleading eyes of a puppy. The recently released film about Cruella must have played an important role in the formation of this beauty trend. Cruella was a woman who madly adored Dalmatians.

The “falling” line can be drawn with an eyeliner, an eye pencil, or eye shadows. At the same time, the line does not have to be super thin, the “smeared” grunge makeup looks interesting too.

Of course, the trend has a flip side: the look can seem sad and tired because of the Puppy Eyeliner. To avoid this, makeup artists add bright shadows (for example, neon) to the makeup – they perfectly distract from the thoughts about a sad, tired look and the unnecessary effects. By the way, cat fans have also found their place in the world of makeup: for example, in the American glossy magazines, short, barely drawn lines are called “Kitten Eyes”.

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