Latest Beauty Trend: Cruella Hair

More and more fans of the Cruella film decide to dye their hair in the style of the main evil heroine. Would you dare to make such a Cruella hair change of style?

In the 2021 Cruella De Ville film with Emma Stone in the title role, the evil lady, who dreams of making a Dalmatian fur coat, appeared as a shocking, interesting, extraordinary, and a little crazy heroine… Cruella De Ville was previously known for the 1996 film and cartoon. She does not cease to be bloodthirsty, but this seems to fade into the background, because the creators of the motion picture tried to find something human in her, too.

This kind of re-analysis of the initially “bad” characters and rethinking their actions (the real reason for which should be sought in the grievances from the past and the misdeeds of other people) is very fashionable in modern Hollywood cinema. Of course, it draws a huge army of fans to such characters.

Hence, many girls (including famous ones) want to explicitly join the replicated image: they can “become” similar to Cruella by painting half of their hair dark and keeping the other half of the headlight.

Such informal coloring can be interestingly combined with a special hairstyle, waves, or colored hairpins.

To bring the trend to reality, you need to make an even central parting, divide all hair into 2 parts, and carefully pin a part of the strands that are not needed at the moment of dyeing. It is important to bring the hair to the lightest color available and make the opposite side black. You can play with shades. For example, combine chocolate and pearl, bluish-black and pink. Watch Cruella’s trailer here:

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