How to Use Reverse Lip Liner?

There is a makeup product that is called reverse lip liner. It has appeared recently, but it is already included in the collections of Make Up For Ever, Sally Hansen and other brands. What is the purpose of this makeup item?


What is the main problem of bright lips? Of course, resistance! A bright lipstick rarely lasts for more than a couple of hours, and one would like to have a long-lasting makeup that would be enough for the whole day!

Primers and various tricks with powdering and multi-layer applying of lipstick can be helpful. And here’s another method, which is the reason why an invisible lipliner is created.

First, it can be used to emphasize the contour of the lips for the lipstick not to “melt” and for the lips not to have a bleeding effect. Having an invisible lipliner, one must not match its color with the shade of the lipstick. Second, an invisible lipliner can paint the entire surface of the lips, thus creating the basis for the lipstick. Primers definitely make the lip makeup more stable. This coating also works well with any shade of lipstick.

Reverse lipliners may be marked as follows: invisible, colorless, evercolor.