How to Do Makeup in a Moving Car

On a perfect day you will have time to sit down at your makeup station and take your time applying makeup to your face. Most days, though, you will probably be juggling a hundred things in the morning that will put you on a time crunch. You can easily apply makeup in a moving car if you are in the passenger seat. Please never apply it while driving. This may end badly for you, and someone else that is out on the roads.

  • Moisturizer – It is extremely important to hydrate the skin, especially if you wear makeup all the time. You can pour some into your hands and warm it up, so it spreads better. You will then want to rub it onto your face in a circular, outward motion. This will get it on in a uniform way.
  • Primer – If you need a primer to ensure that your makeup is worn evenly, warm it up in your hands to make sure that it is easier to apply before you put it onto your face. Instead of rubbing, though, make sure that you lightly pat it on to your skin.
  • Foundation – You will want to apply your foundation next. If possible, do this as you are sitting in the car waiting for the driver to put it in gear. Otherwise, it is advised that you leave your blush palettes at home and use a rub-on version, or one that you can apply with a stick. If you are quick with your powder, you can attempt it while moving, but it is a better idea to wait for a stop sign, or a red light.
  • Concealer – Use the pen versions of this and apply small dots on the area that you want to hide, such as dark circles under your eyes. Use tiny amounts and finish one spot at a time. Make sure you allow a few minutes before you try to put anything else over it.
  • Face – To finish your face off you can add highlighter or blush. Do not try to use powders. As stated before, it can lead to a huge mess that will take precious time from your busy schedule that includes tasks like driving kids to extracurricular activities, doing grocery shopping or applying for car loans so you can drive yourself.
  • Eyeliner or Mascara – This is where it can get a little tricky. If you are on a road that has numerous stops, make them your friend. Apply it while stopped and wait to finish until your next stop or two. If you must apply it while moving make sure to use a light touch, with lesser amounts of eyeliner on the brush. Prop your elbow on your knee to hold your hand steady. If you do not have a mirror handy you can improvise by using your phone camera.
  • Lipstick – If you want a huge red or purple lines across your face open that stick up and start applying. If not, use a dabbing motion to make sure that your driver does not slam on the brakes to make you streak. If they do, you can laugh at them instead. Dab every area of your lips and then spread it evenly with a tissue, or with your fingers.
  • Setting Spray – Finish off with a setting spray. It works for up to 24 hours and keeps everything in place, so you do not have to reapply it later in the day.

That is all that there is to it. It does not need to be a big ordeal. Take it step by step and pay attention to what you are doing, as well as to what the driver is doing. If you notice that your pilot is coming up on a stop light fast, be prepared and put your makeup down. Statista states that the makeup industry will bring in a review amount of $94.2 billion. Do not raise that amount up because you must keep reapplying. Follow these steps and make yourself perfect the first time.

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