Hottest Hairstyle Trends 2021

Today we’d like to tell you about the hottest hair color and hairstyling trends of 2021.

Trend #1. Individuality

We live in a happy time when everyone can afford to dress, get their haircut, and dyed as they want. People no longer wear the same clothes en masse, do not copy each other’s hairstyles or Western stars. This makes everyone happy.

The main direction of the 21st century is individuality, own image, and uniqueness. Here, for example, is a popular and unusual coloring – mushroom blonde.

Trend #2. A way towards naturalness

The passion for natural beauty could not bypass the hairdressing industry. In the coming year, stylists will continue to create soft, classic looks. The main rule of styling is nothing flashy, excessive, cheap.

Once gigantic volumes and small curls “frozen” with varnish were the dreams of most women, but now all this “beauty” terrifies the masters. Such hairstyles are still found on the shows of avant-garde designers. But in everyday life, they instantly give away a lack of taste.

Fortunately, there are plenty of trendy, stylish alternatives to the outdated “bouclips”: smooth curls of Hollywood waves, slightly sloppy “beach” curls, as if they came from the Californian coast. These feminine, luxurious hairstyles have been around for years, and 2021 will be no exception.

Trend #3. No short bangs

Gone are the days of the popularity of short bangs. This is an extremely “capricious” haircut detail that requires not only an ideal face shape, but also excellent hair condition. Otherwise, it looks comical and inappropriate. But asymmetrical bangs are in trend.

Trend #4. Discreet colors

The dyeing industry is also striving for organic beauty. On the one hand, dye manufacturers present more and more new colors, and bright strands are no longer something extraordinary.

But don’t expect the streets to be filled with girls with blue, yellow or green hair. Most likely, extreme coloring will remain the hallmark of young people. Older and wealthier clients are more conservative and tend to prefer natural shades. Even fake blonde is now giving way to a custom hair tone that looks more expensive and prettier.

Ombre will also be in demand, but color gradients should also be smooth, in a restrained range, without aggressive flashy colors. The visitors to the salons themselves have become calmer, they strive for light, graceful looks with a touch of classics.

Trend #5. Unpredictability

With the advent of Instagram and other social networks, people began to “make” fashion. Previously, style trendsetters were large eminent salons, around which all attention was concentrated, they were talked about, but there was simply nowhere to find out about small brands.

Now everything has changed radically – not brands are developing, but people. This happens, for example, in music.

The art of hairdressing is undergoing a similar transformation: thanks to social media, young and ambitious talents have the opportunity to make themselves known. A top stylist with millions of subscribers will easily “blow up” the web and create a trend that the whole world will follow.

But the same can be done by an unknown master, whose Instagram video will appeal to viewers, go viral and gain a huge number of views.

Therefore, it is impossible to say for sure that the fashion industry is moving along a certain predetermined path. Many players have appeared on the market, and new “stars” may light up tomorrow. And there is a chance that they will completely change our ideas about style, show completely new, unprecedented options for haircuts, styling and coloring.

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