Hottest Hair Trend: Palm Painting

Here is another option of dyeing with a natural effect of “sunburned” hair. Palm painting is a technique in which color is applied to the hair by hand without the use of tools such as brushes or combs. This helps to avoid the harsh lines and streaks that often appear when you use tools. Instead, dye is massaged into large areas of the hair, but not too close to the roots.

Palming allows undyed hair to show itself beautifully, especially along the growth line. Meanwhile, a subtle difference in the thickness of the highlights results in a softer, smoother look. The master creates a special glow effect that does not have abrupt color transitions on the hair. Your curls look like you’ve just returned from the beach in Saint-Tropez.

This technique is believed to be less harmful to hair because after palming, you may not visit the hairdresser for at least several months. Most of all, this coloring is suitable for owners of long hair, as well as those who have medium-length hair.

On short hair, it will not look so chic because the length allows you to create a kind of glare effect. Nevertheless, you can successfully experiment with palming on both light and dark hair (there are even examples of gray dyeing and palming).

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