Gwen Stefani for Infallible La Rouge Lip Color – Video

This platinum blonde lady can hardly be imagined without her bright scarlet lips. And when Gwen Stefani became the new face of L’Oréal Paris the question about the product she was going to advertise was not even raised! Lipstick, of course! And what color, do you think? Scarlet only!

Gwen advertises the hit of the season – a new lipstick Infallible La Rouge Lip Color from L’Oréal Paris. Gwen is now 41 years old, and her scarlet lips impress not only her admirers. But the singer herself admits things have not always been the same. In her life, she seldom chooses the bright lip color. But her husband and the rocker Gavin Rossdale likes it. It was he who insisted on his wife’s current image some years ago. In her interview, Gwen told the Internet-periodical StyleList that her husband adored red color, and even though she did not always like to have red lips, she did it for her husband.

In the commercial, the star also demonstrates her favorite colors of clothes – white and black. And Gwen Stefani’s lips, indeed, look flawless and ideal corresponding to the name of the new lipstick – Infallible La Rouge Lip Color, which can be interpreted as a «Flawless» lipstick.

The commercial is stunning due to the heroine’s new image and beauty.