Givenchy New Impressions Spring-Summer 2010 Makeup Collection


Are you in the middle of finishing your Christmas shopping list? Yet, we are setting you up for the coming spring already. No, something bigger than spring! We got an opportunity to show you some of the products from the Spring-Summer makeup collection Givenchy New Impressions.

Givenchy New Impressions

The new products will become available for sale in January-February 2010. The collection will please you with bright ultramarine mascara and nail polish, and virtually absolute absence of eye-shadows. The color is concentrated on lips and cheeks.

Some of the notable products for lips include: coral, pure pink and crimson lipstick and lip gloss shades.

Printed Lips – an amazing product, which is actually a lip marker, presented in two shades:

  • Pink Impression
  • Givenchy Printed Lips Pink Impressions

  • Rose Impression

Givenchy Printed Rose Pink Impressions

The Spring-Summer collection also has other wonderful products for lips:

  • Pop Gloss Crystal in Coral Impression color
  • Gloss Interdit in Magenta Impression color

Givenchy Lip Gloss

Matte lipstick Rouge Interdit in Rose Impression shade

Givenchy Lipstick Rose Impression

and luminous lipstick Rouge Interdit Shine in Coral Impression shade.

Givenchy Lipstick Coral Impression

The blush Le Prisme Blush comes in the variety of six different pallets.

Givenchy Blush

Nail Polish Vernis Please comes in Purple Impression color.

Givenchy Nail Polish

The collection also offers the famous mascara Phenomenon-Eyes Effect, also in Purple Impression shade.

Givenchy Mascara Purple Impression

Eye-liner Parad’eyes Liner will be available in two shades:

  • Mauve Impression
  • Nude Impression

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