Estee Lauder Limited Zodiac Holiday 2012 Collection

Estee Lauder collection of compact powders and solid perfumes looks bright and memorable. This year, the powder has a golden color with different signs of the zodiac on the lid and a Swarovski gem on the clasp. The powder is represented by one translucent shade.

Estee Lauder Holiday 2012 Makeup

In addition, there has been released another powder in a box resembling scaly skin, just according to the symbol of the coming year. Solid perfumes by Estee Lauder Compact Collection 2012 have the same elegant design and are represented by nine pieces.

Golden Wave Solid Perfume Compact

The perfume is Pleasures. The case is covered with 24-carat gold. There is a Swarovski crystal in the clasp. The luxurious solid perfume will be packaged in a case made of blue velvet.

Mandarin Sun Solid Perfume Compact

Youth Dew Perfume. A round case with a bright orange gem in the center.

Evening Star Solid Perfume Compact

Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia Perfume. Its case is a six-pointed star, decorated with transparent crystals and a dark blue gem in the center.

Shooting Star Solid Perfume Compact

The perfume is called Pleasures. The case has the shape of a flying star, it is decorated with many crystals, created by Jay Strongwater.

Radiant Sun Solid Perfume Compact

The perfume is called Beautiful. It is the sun with the rays radiating in all directions, and a yellow gem in the centre.

Antique Sun Solid Perfume Compact

The perfume is Beautiful. It is a square box with an engraved image of the Sun.

Starry Night Star Solid Perfume Compact

It contains the Sensuous Nude perfume. It is a blue egg-shaped case with a picture of stars encrusted with multicolored crystals. It is designed by Jay Strongwater.

The collection contains luxurious items that are great gift ideas!

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