CK One Color Makeup Collection

Calvin Klein now sells not only the collection of fashionable clothes or cosmetics, but decorative cosmetics as well. On April 23, the debut cosmetic collection appeared on sale. It received the symbolic name of the CK One Color “after” one of the most famous fragrances by Calvin Klein.

CK One Color is a basic set of cosmetic products, the price of which varies from 13 to 32 dollars. In addition to affordable prices, Calvin Klein makeup is distinguished by the stylish minimalist package design, reminiscent of the basic concept of Francisco Costa, a designer, head of the pret-a-porte CK line, noted for its brevity. It should be noted that it is not the first time that Calvin Klein is trying to bring the new cosmetic line to market. The brand previously produced cosmetics, but in 2008 it abandoned manufacturing of cosmetic collections.

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