Brow Transplant: Wait, What?

Hair transplantation to combat baldness can hardly surprise anyone today: both men and women decide to undergo this operation. Did you know that eyebrows are also transplanted? By the way, the autumn months are the best time of the year to do it!

Eyebrows can be scarce from birth or lose thickness over time due to some events or diseases. Of course, cosmetic disguises or tattooing can solve the problem for a short time and not fully. The real salvation in such a situation is the transplantation of hair follicles.

Where and when is the eyebrow transplant done?

The second half of autumn is the most popular season, as in the case of scalp hair transplantation. Eyebrow transplantation is done in all hair transplant clinics because the principle of this operation is the same. If we talk about transplant tourism, Turkish specialists are considered the best when it comes to eyebrows.

What problems does an eyebrow transplant solve?

Transplantation of hair follicles to the eyebrow area can make the eyebrows wider, and thicker and change the shape – or even create eyebrows from scratch, if for some reason the hair in this area has fallen out and does not grow.

Eyebrow transplantation: techniques

Hair in the eyebrow area is transplanted with grafts: this means that pieces of skin with several hair follicles are taken as donor material. Material sampling is carried out in two main ways:


They are taken from the back of the patient’s head and divided into grafts. There is a sole, but significant drawback – a noticeable scar remains on the back of the head. This method is cheaper.


This is an advanced method when grafts are removed from the scalp in a checkerboard pattern, and no scar remains. This is a very delicate work, so it costs more. However, there are no consequences for the appearance!

How does the surgery take place?

Eyebrows are transplanted under local anesthesia, the operation lasts 2-4 hours. According to an agreement with the patient, the doctor draws the shape of future eyebrows. The grafts are removed using a special tool (called a micropunch) and moved into micro-incisions in the transplant area. The doctor’s skill consists in making the incision correctly and placing the graft at the correct depth – the follicles will then take root properly.

How long to wait for the effect of eyebrow transplant

After 2-3 months, the new eyebrows will grow in full force. If the hairs fell out shortly after the operation, this does not mean failure – perhaps the material was taken at such a stage of hair growth. A healthy follicle will soon release new hair.

Since the hair for transplantation to the eyebrow area is taken from the head, it will grow in length without restriction. Therefore, transplanted eyebrows require special care, they need to be trimmed more often than natural ones.

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