Beauty Secrets to Learn from the Japanese

Japan impresses not only with its advanced technologies, architecture, and national cuisine, which attracts gourmets but also with the exceptional beauty of women. What is the secret of the eternal youth of Japanese women? What life hacks can help a common girl look just as luxurious?

Women from the Land of the Rising Sun look beautiful and slim at any age, but the secret of such beauty success of Japanese women is not limited to the genetic component. The fact is that they strictly adhere to certain grooming rituals and carefully monitor their diet.

Keep reading to learn what habits of the inhabitants of Japan can be adopted, if you want to achieve the same results.

Low-calorie menu

Have you seen a lot of fat women among Japanese ladies? They eat quite a lot, but they do not gain weight. The secret lies in the diet: there are mainly legumes, vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood on their table. The main course consists of 30% fish or meat, and the rest is rice and vegetables.

The Japanese spend a minimum of time cooking, which allows them to save a maximum of useful substances. In addition, they almost do not use salt and spices. Spicy seasonings based on vegetable oils and soy sauce add flavor to Japanese dishes.

Natural cosmetic

The latest developments of Japanese brands allow the use of natural ingredients in cosmetics, practically without the use of preservatives. Extracts from plants, peptides, snail mucin, extracts of porcine and horse placenta are actively used.

However, Japanese women cannot be considered fans of natural things: they are unlikely to prepare a face mask from fresh melon or cucumbers. Japanese women use “folk” recipes very carefully, because fresh products may contain too many pesticides and harmful substances.

Facial massage

Japanese women do Asahi massage daily – they believe that this is the main ritual that prevents facial aging. Yukuko Tanaka’s technique is very popular in the world today. Women practicing this massage for at least 10 minutes a day get impressive results.

UV Protection

Japanese women, even in the winter, do not go out into the sun without good sunscreen – this helps them avoid photoaging. Cosmetics manufacturers pay special attention to the production of high-quality sunscreens – Japanese SPF products occupy a leading position in the world. Creams, lotions and serums are easy to apply, do not leave stickiness, do not clog pores and have a safe composition.

Correct application of cosmetics

Residents of Japan love multi-step care and know how important it is to apply cosmetics correctly. They first distribute each product in the palms of their hands and then “imprint” it into the skin with light patting movements. This allows you to increase the blood flow to the face and increase the effectiveness of care. Japanese women are never in a hurry and treat the skin as carefully as possible.

Thermal baths

Bathing in thermal springs activates the body’s defenses and improves skin regeneration. Japanese women are lucky: there are 27,000 natural thermal springs (onsens) in the country.

Ancient Japanese legends promise eternal youth and healing from all diseases to those who regularly bathe in thermal water. Therefore, every Japanese woman tries to visit the springs at least twice a year. At home, Japanese women maintain their beauty in hot baths with sea salt and aromatic oils.

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