8 Useful Makeup Tips

This article will not give you general advice, such as “a white eyeliner will make your eyes bigger,” or “a foundation should contain sun filters”. You have already heard them hundreds of times. Let us analyze the new and sometimes unexpected pieces of advice. They might be a little unusual, but they work. Here are some tips given by makeup practitioners.

Bosses Dont Like Office Makeup

Keep sebum under control

This tip is given by the creative director of Revlon, Gucci Westman. She always has some blotting paper (napkins) in her pockets or purse to remove excessive sebum on the face on any occasion and at any time of the day. And here is another tip from Westman. It turns out that she sometimes uses a deodorant in her makeup. She takes a bit of it on the finger and applies it on the T-zone, as well as under the eyes. It helps her to keep the skin matte.

Improve your foundation

Makeup artist Brett Freedman helps many celebrities look great. His clients include Vanessa Hudgens and Leighton Meester. The Master reveals the secret of the best foundation. He recommends to add aloe juice into the foundation before using it. It is enough to take a drop half the size of a pea each time. What does it give? The foundation glides better over the skin, it is easier to apply, and it immediately gives a moisturizing effect. Aloe juice dilutes the base a little and helps to spare it. You can just wipe the face with aloe juice before applying foundation.

The use of the black color of eyeliner is questioned

Tina Turnbough, the makeup artist of such stars as Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore, breaks the stereotypes about the use of black eyeliners. She says that even though the black colorhighlights the eyes, it makes them smaller. Tina suggests trying new shades of eye pencils: plum, olive green, and indigo. They visually make the eye more expressive. Even an ordinary brown eyeliner makes the look more delicate, and the eyes – more expressive and bigger.

Raise the eyebrow to increase the eye

Doug Howell, a respected in the world makeup artist, working for the NARS cosmetic brand, reveals his secrets about how to enhance your eyes with the help of… eyebrows. First, we should use the lightest tone (highlighter) in the area where the eyebrow reaches its highest point on the forehead (above the eyebrows arch). That will lift the eyebrow and make the eyes more expressive. It is also important here, what the color of the eyebrow will be. Doug Howell recommends to choose colors that will match the color of your hair, then the image will be harmonious and the eyebrow will be lifted. The makeup artist believes that one should not be afraid of light eyebrows in this case, especially if you are blonde. The color of the eyebrow can match the color of the roots of your hair.

Perfectly separated eyelashes may sometimes be unwanted

MAC Senior Artist Victor Cembellin says that there is nothing sexier than wet eyelashes, as though you have just got out of the pool. They should be grouped together and look a bit glossy (the effect of wet eyelashes). Here is how the artist achieves this. He says that first of all one should coat the lashes with the tool for eyebrows (he recommends MAC Brow Set) and then cover them with glossy black mascara. The effect of sexy wet eyelashes is guaranteed!

Do not let the lipstick flow

The makeup artist of the MAC brand, Louise Zizzo, believes that the tip of covering the lips with powder to make the lipstick last longer is outdated. There are more effective and creative ways. Louise recommends covering the edge of the lip with the tool for eyebrows MAC Brow Set. And then one can apply lipstick. The makeup artist promises that one will not have to worry about the lipstick and its fuzzy contours all day long. The sticky texture is perfect to fix the lipstick in its place.

The secret of a professional manicure

When working on images of such celebrities as Joy Bryant and Cheryl Cole, Dior makeup artist Ricky Wilson draws particular attention to manicure. Here is his little secret: manicure does not look quite complete without paying attention to the cuticle. After using the nail polish, he performs the following trick. Such products as the lightening concealer Dior Skinflash pen, and the cuticle cream Dior Creme Abricot are mixed. Then this composition is applied onto the fingers. This will not only remove any imperfections, but will also give a nice shine to your fingers around the nails, making the hands look luxuroius.

You can look perfect without mascara

Makeup artist Mai Quinn, who works with Emma Stone and Ashley Greene, thinks that the lack of mascara is not a tragedy in makeup. On the contrary, he advises to sometimes avoid using mascara, if you have not yet found the one that suits you. Just pay more attention to the eyeliner. Take a black or brown waterproof pencil and do the eyelining, but not on the top edge of the eyelashes. Then you should carefully cover the space between the eyelashes. If you do it, you will not need mascara and will get the illusion of volume and thicker eyelashes.

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