10 Secrets of Thick Long Eyelashes

Knowing a few simple secrets can create the illusion of perfect and lush eyelashes, even if you do not have your own thick and long eyelashes and do not plan to use false eyelashes.


1. Powder

Powdering eyelashes before applying mascara thickens them. Not only classic loose powder for the face can be used, but also powder shadows and baby powder. The correct sequence of actions is as follows: first, apply the first layer of mascara over the eyelashes, then apply the layer of powder, and after that apply the second layer of powder. The color of mascara does not matter – the secret works with any shade of the product.

2. The liquid formula

If the mascara starts to dry up, this texture is unlikely to make the eyelashes thicker and more luxuriant. You need a good creamy formula that envelops each lash. For this purpose, there are some tricks how to enrich and make the texture of the product more elastic. Put a few eye drops in a tube of mascara. Another trick is to put a tube of mascara in a cup of warm water for a few minutes – the texture will become more homogeneous and ductile.

3. Attention to the lower lashes

Many people underestimate the coloring of the eyelashes on the lower eyelid. But they add volume to the top lashes and generally make the eyes bigger. One only needs to learn how to makeup them. To do this, makeup artists take a brush with mascara, keep it upright and apply mascara over each eyelash. This contributes to better coloring of the eyelashes from all sides, including even the tiniest hairs that are hard to reach.

4. Applying mascara at the roots of eyelashes

If the eyelashes are not fully covered with mascara, and there are parts of roots without it – this “hides” the length and volume of hairs. For this purpose we must learn to apply mascara at the roots of the eyelashes. Makeup artists perform such a trick this way: lifting the upper eyelid and looking up at the same time. You need to raise the eyelid gently, slightly moving up the skin of the upper eyelid. You can also simply press your finger on the upper eyelid – it also opens the eye and makes the roots of the lashes more accessible.

An appropriate brush will also help to get to the thinnest and shortest hairs. A bent stick allows doing this. If you do not have a brush, you can bend a stick on your own – they are usually made of pliable plastic.

5. Full coloring

Do not forget that eyelashes should be covered with mascara on all sides – that’s what makes each eyelash thicker, enveloping it with a coat of mascara. So apply it on the eyelashes, when holding the brush both at the bottom and up from the curl.

6. Eyelash curling

Using forceps is a good way to create sexy curled lashes; curled lashes look more magnificent. Forceps or a spoon can be used for curling. For the curl to keep longer, heat your device. This can be done by using hot water or a hair dryer. After curling, be sure to let the lashes cool down before you apply mascara.

Liner also contributes to the volume of eyelashes. Apply eyeliner correctly. First, start with the lash line. Ideally, the line should be right at the base of the eyelashes to cover the space between eyelashes.

Secondly, the color of your liner should be the same as that of mascara. In this case, you will visually lengthen the eyelashes.

7. Two layers

Even if you do not want to use powder (see point 1), apply two coats of mascara. Just be sure to dry the first layer of mascara, and then apply the second one. Two layers give two times more color and twice the resistance of the product; they also double the thickness of the coating (which thickens eyelashes).

8. Nutrition and care

With age, the eyelashes become thinner because they are not so well supplied with nutrients, they are renewed slowly which is the result of age-related changes in the body of every woman. These changes may begin as early as 30 years. Proper care and hydration can help prevent or halt the process. To do this, use the oil-based caretaker composition; for removing makeup from eyelashes buy a special product, use waterproof mascara less often, and apply castor oil in the evening at least once per week.

9. Volume effect mascara

To get lush lashes, it is better to use the volume effect mascara rather than lengthening mascara. Each brand has different products, there is a wide choice. Volume effect mascara adds thickness and some length to each eyelash, and lengthening mascara gives only length.

10. Eye makeup

Nude makeup is now trendy. But if you want to visually enlarge eyelashes, it is impossible if you use nude shades. Such styles of makeup as “smoky” and “cat’s eye” are the most successful ones, if you need your lashes to be lush and long.

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