DNA Based Weight Loss Diet Is the Most Efficient One

If you really want to wear your old jeans, then you need to stick to a genetic diet. Canadian scientists have found that personalized diets, taking into account the set of genes of each person, are most effective.


Scientists from the University of Toronto in Canada have collected data on the level of consuming caffeine, salt, vitamin C, and sugar from 138 people. On the basis of this information, personalized diets have been created for a half of the volunteers. The second half had a traditional diet. Just after three months, the participants from the first group showed the most impressive changes in the fight against excess weight.

Thus, it has been proved once again that the personal diet based on the individual set of genes of each person can efficiently fight against excess weight and help lose weight. Nutrigenomics is the science of human nutrition impact on gene expression. It is aimed at understanding why people react differently to the same foods. Personalized diets are one of the instruments of nutrigenomics that help to make dietary recommendations more personal, taking into account a person’s DNA.

Researchers observed the diet of volunteers throughout the year. It turned out that the people, who received a diet based on DNA during this period, got rid of significantly more excess weight than those who kept to a regular diet. Powerful positive effect was evident in those volunteers who were informed of being carriers of a particular version of a gene associated with taking salt and high blood pressure. These people have significantly reduced the amount of salt in the diet, which also helped them improve their health.

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