Writing Adventure, or How to Become a Travel Writer

So, you like to travel the world and feel ready to write a really good story about your adventures. Think you can become a travel writer? That’s great! However, do not expect that it will be an easy job. If you want to get paid for your articles, you need to work hard.

Since being a travel writer is considered a rewarding career, many people try to sell their articles to the media while exploring far-flung corners of the world. The reality is that only a few of them get paid handsomely for their work. Why is it so? Let’s be honest, to write a great travel article on the first try is impossible. Just like students look for cheap custom dissertation writing services even though they are good in their field of study, novice travel writers should look for expert assistance with their first articles. However, that’s not all! There are several other important things to take into account.

5 tips for becoming a successful travel writer

1. Create a portfolio website

If you want to succeed in travel writing and get paid for your work, you need a well-designed website and a blog. They are the best tools that can help you attract the readers, sponsors, and potential clients who will want to publish your articles. Moreover, it’s your chance to practice your writing skills and receive feedback from like-minded writers.

2. Join travel writing courses

Look for writing courses in your area or join an interesting online workshop to boost your writing skills. This will help you expand your horizons, learn much useful information, come up with fresh and original ideas for your own inspiring stories, and, what is also very important, target the right editors and clients. Besides, if you want to meet potential sponsors and real professionals in your field, visit TBEX – the world’s largest annual gathering of travel writers, bloggers, and content creators.

3. Start local

Don’t go to the most remote places in the world to write your first travel articles. Start with your hometown, state, or region. Most likely, you have something interesting to tell others about it. Your goal is to get noticed by editors who will want to publish your article on local and regional medias. This can be a great start in your career.

4. Find your niche

Whether it comes to the hotel industry, mountain hiking, or secrets of ancient Egypt, it is important to focus yourself on a specific part of the field. You should choose certain subject, activity, or destination and practice your writing expertise in that particular area. Use social media tools and your blog to share your stories with others. This will help you improve your writing skills and expand your audience.

5. Use all five senses

If you want to succeed in travel writing, you need to use all of your five senses when writing an article. Whatever country you are in, try local food and drink, examine their architecture, view local art, listen to music, become a part of their culture. Open all your receptors and make your readers feel the same emotions, hear the same sounds, and see the same landscape.

In this way, a desire to travel the world and write about your experiences is not enough for becoming a paid travel writer. You need to work hard, be open to new challenges, and constantly boost your skills. Start with the above tips, and chances are your writing adventure will bring you the desired result.

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