Turn Your Passion for Beauty into Profit

Do your friends always ask for beauty advice? Have you been bombarded with prom makeup and hair requests? If yes, there’s a good chance that you could have a future in the beauty business. Many of us are not fortunate enough to work in a profession that also grants us joy, but if your talents lie in makeup and hair, there are plenty of options for you to pursue a career.


One of the most popular methods of broadcasting advice, tips, and makeup tutorials is Youtube. Youtube is a platform of millions of people searching for knowledge and experience about the multitudes of hairstyles and makeup brands. If you have a great speaking voice, a little bit of free time, and you’re not afraid to step in front of a camera, you can start a successful channel.

Use your phone or computer webcam to record a ten-minute tutorial on your favorite makeup look or hairstyle, and upload it to Youtube; in the beginning, you likely won’t garner much attention, but with enough work and persistence, you can begin to make money by monetizing your video with advertisements. For every view you get on a video, you also get a portion of the pay that an advertising company pays: with enough subscribers, this number can add up greatly, and you may even be able to solely live off of your Youtube channel.


Beauty Blogs are another great way to use the Internet as a platform for beauty advice. If you’re camera shy, you can use blogging platforms like WordPress or other social media sites like Twitter and Instagram to show off your skills and garner a following. The trick to doing this lies in being consistent with your content.

Post regularly and post high-quality material that will aid people: for example, try posting every Wednesday with a picture of your latest face of makeup with tips on how to achieve it. If your advice is sound and reliable, people will start to notice, and you can even begin partnering with companies, advertising their products, and make a little cash on the side.

Beauty school

The next big step in your career involves some schooling. There are plenty of inexpensive options for cosmetology schools if you wish to step into the realm of hairstyling and makeup artists. If beauty is truly your passion, try visiting a physical school to see what the course load and environment are like. To find some beauty school programs near you, you can use website aggregators and review sites. If online schools are more your style, try looking into certification courses that are solely done over the Internet.
This is a big commitment, but if you truly want to make a living off of cosmetology, beauty school might be the best fit for you.

Local business

Once you have a certification, you can use your professional skills in a multitude of ways. Many salons and makeup stands are constantly looking for new faces in the beauty industry to prove themselves. When you just start out on your career, it might be best to look for job openings in already established businesses: look for openings in your favorite hair salon or makeup store, or try a job posting site to view stores near you.

If you truly want independence, opening your own business might be the next step. In either case, some experience and a little education are all you need to survive off of your love for everything beautiful.

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