When Product Liability Turns Into Class Action

There is no mistaking that the law is confusing and murky at best. This is especially true when it comes to product liability. Product liability law is a type of law that holds manufacturers and distributors responsible for injuries that are caused by defective products. Depending on the type of case and injuries it is possible that a product liability lawsuit may be filed against anyone along a product’s supply chain. This could be the designer of the product, the manufacturer of the product, the wholesale, the marketer, and even the retailer might be held responsible at times. As, you can see things are already confusing right from the get-go, but what happens when the case goes class action and what does class action mean?

What Do You Need To Prove A Product Liability Case

The very first thing that people need to know is that there are three different types of product liability lawsuits. This is a negligence suit, a strict liability suit, and a breach of warranty suits. All of these suits can go class action, but in order for them to do so there must be certain elements that the plaintiffs have to prove. First, the plaintiffs must prove that the product was, in fact, defective. This means that you will have to show how the product caused your injuries. Secondly, the plaintiffs are going to have to prove that they were injured by the product and that the product was the cause of the injuries. The last thing that will have to be proven will be that the seller or manufacturer owes the plaintiff compensation.

What Does It Mean When A Case Goes Class Action

Class action lawsuits are the big ones that you usually hear about on TV or the radio. When a case goes class action it means that they usually involve defective products or predatory lending schemes. In most cases, this means that a bunch of people has been injured by the same product. These cases are highly followed by the media and will probably require the assistance of a personal injury attorney. Sometimes in these types of cases, the injured parties will use the same lawyers. However, that does not always have to be the case. You can take on a different lawyer that other injured parties if you so choose so. That being said there are many that will have to be proven before the case can go class action.

Similar Claims And Facts

Before a product liability case can go class action it will have to be proven that all the claims are somewhat similar. This does not mean that the claims and injuries need to be identical, but it means that they need to be similar in nature. This means that it is more practical for one major lawsuit to resolve the case rather than several individual lawsuits. The cases must also revolve around similar facts. In these cases, certain plaintiffs will be names as class representatives, which means they will have to appear on the stand while others will not.

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