Tall People Associated with Leadership

American psychologists have drawn the conclusion that leadership qualities of a person are associated with his/her height.

Man boss

This study and other works on the subject indicate that all people on the planet, regardless of their culture or upbringing, would rather trust tall leaders than leaders with medium or low height.

The scientists exemplify their point of view with the figure of Barack Obama. The politician with the height of 185 centimeters once got better results at the election than John McCain, who is 13 centimeters lower than him.

At the beginning of the research, the scientists wrote that ancient people had depicted their chiefs and divine figures higher than ordinary people.

Then the researchers conducted a survey among the students to identify the modern image of a leader. Young people were asked to draw on separate sheets of paper the figures of an “ideal leader” and a “typical citizen”. Then they portrayed the “leader” and the “citizen” on the same sheet. The leader happened to be taller than the typical man in 64% of cases.

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