Signs You’re Being Exploited

Our world is not perfect, and facts of being abused by another person are very frequent. Of course, this is unpleasant and dishonest, but who said that everything is just in our life? We have come up with certain signs that will help to understand that you too have become a victim of other people and do not even notice that you carry out all their requests unquestioningly.

You are constantly forced to feel guilty and apologize for the behavior of others

It may seem that they behave ugly, and you feel ashamed. For example, your partner talks about you in a rude manner in the presence of your friends and acquaintances, and you tend to think it happens because of fatigue or stress. Don’t you think he has forgotten about elementary politeness?

Your needs are of no interest to anyone

You try to share your time with everyone without exception and take care of them as soon as they feel the slightest indisposition, but the paradox is that when you need help or sympathy, there is no one to give it to you. They just say they have more important things to do.

Friends or family call you with a specific request

Instead of asking how you are doing, they immediately inform you about their needs in a businesslike tone. During a conversation, they usually deliver a monologue about their affairs and rush to disconnect as soon as they finish to speak – to prevent you from making your comments.

People see you only to fight boredom

Another option is to have sex if it is about men. In this case, you should not expect any long-term prospects, and such a gentleman will escape from you as the slightest chance appears.

Management praises you before the team and immediately assigns new responsibilities

That is a typical way for bosses to act when they need to load the employee with extra work. After all, if you hear that you are engaged in a bunch of new projects, of course, you will begin to protest. You may even quit. So they praise you and say that you have coped with the job in a brilliant manner and that you need to develop and pursue new goals.

You are viewed only as the source of material goods

If your relatives or acquaintances know that you have extra funds, they will take advantage of this fact without any hesitation. They can pay back the debt years later, pleading to your mercy and reproaching you for being hard-hearted.

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