Secret to a Perfect Vacation

The Telegraph reports that scientists have discovered that a vacation should be split into four parts in order to maximize enjoyment from it. The shorter and the more frequent the vacation is the more memories it creates.

Secret to a perfect vacation

Psychologists believe that happy moments are remembered better when a vacation is short. A month-long vacation leaves much ”dimmer” impressions and dulls the sense of pleasure from the change of settings.

Professor Dan Ariely from Duce University in North Carolina says that long vacations are bad because the sense of happiness disappears by the seventh day. He also notes that the first days of holidays are usually the brightest and bring the most excitement; therefore, four small vacations a year is much better for our mental health.

However, there are people who disagree with Ariely. For example, Tim Harford, the author of Dear Undercover Economics, claims that with increased frequency of trips the stress from traveling will only increase. Harford believes that the more often you take vacations, the more likely you will encounter troubles. In his eyes it is not worth it.

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