Mistakes You Should Avoid Making after 35

No matter how hard you resist the numbers in your passport, trying to prove once again to others (and to yourself) that you are still 18 years old, age still imposes certain taboos on your behavior. You do have to put up with some habits. Today we decided to find out what things should be abandoned after 35 years not to look ridiculous.

Stop lying to yourself

Psychologists remind you that by the age of 35 it’s time to stop living in the world of illusions. Honestly admit to yourself all your mistakes and achievements, if you already have them by this time. Do not reassure yourself that you are not doing anything just because you are waiting for the “beautiful tomorrow” that will come and change your life drastically. Life will not change! In order for everything to follow a different scenario, you need to start changing now and focus on what else you can do. Remember that there is only here and now, so stop postponing everything for tomorrow or the day after it.

Do not wait for approval from others

Staying focused on others and expecting praise or attention from them is not the surest way for those who dream of becoming happy. By this age, you should have developed your own opinion, your own style, and habits that others may not like. But if it makes you happier, then why not?

We are not talking about any harmful or immoral aspects, but only remind you that you must learn to defend your point of view, and not to yield to provocations or be like everyone else. Be bold, and you will succeed.

Stop living in the past

Psychologists say that if you constantly look back, you can lose your touch with reality and forget what you were striving for and what goals you wanted to achieve. Of course, the memories will motivate you, but in no case should they be the main thing that you have now. Remember the past days with gratitude, think of them as an experience and try not to make the same mistakes in the future. Do not focus on the past and do not miss the opportunities that the present gives you.

Stop seeking excuses

At a young age, you could come up with hundreds of excuses to politely refuse a person without hurting his feelings. However, by the age of 35, it is time to learn to firmly say “no”. Do not do what you absolutely do not want to. Stop living with your mindset on others and focus on your own interests. We are not talking about egoism – we only recommend you to listen to your desires and not to push them to the background in order to please others. Just remember that you have just one life and while you are fulfilling the instructions of others or thinking about how to refuse them, you forget about your dreams and goals.

Do not wear inappropriate clothing

Of course, no one forces you to wear “serious” clothes that are completely devoid of femininity and sexuality, but if only teenage dresses dominate in your wardrobe by the age of 35, this is a not very good situation. Moreover, modern fashion offers ladies of different ages original looks that will emphasize your individuality and dignity. In addition, it would not be unnecessary to remind you that damaged nail polish, dirty hair, defiant makeup force people to dislike you and make you ridiculous in the eyes of others. Try to find time for yourself and always be beautiful. After all, it is not difficult.

Put up with an irresponsible attitude to your health

At a young age, you might not have thought about the consequences of your actions and disregard for your health, but with age, this luxury becomes impermissible (and can lead to dire consequences). After all, if a young body easily copes with stress and other trials, after 35 years of age, stress, bad habits, a wrong way of life and ignoring the recommendations of doctors can provoke the development of various diseases.

Therefore, take it, as a rule, to undergo a diagnostic examination once a year, even if nothing seems to bother you. Stop going to work with a fever and runny nose – bosses will not appreciate your heroism anyway, and complications after a cold or flu can be very serious.

Do not start a relationship with several men

At a young age, you could become entangled in your feelings and therefore you could spend much time trying to decide who you are drawn to. With age, you need to learn to appreciate the relationship and not to waste your time on trifles. By the way, psychologists say that many men prefer young women over thirty years because they feel more confident and secure with them (no intrigues and endless hesitation, as well as no inconsistencies and frequent mood swings). Therefore, if you have found your only partner, try not to lose his trust by “checking” yourself with random intrigues.

No more frustration over trifles

It is stupid to get offended and react to the criticism of the people who surround you, especially if you were inadvertently touched by the words of a complete stranger. He must have said something without thinking, not knowing you and your whole situation, so you should not take his words seriously.

Another thing is when something annoying is uttered by the nearest people. Yet it is worth learning to ignore some phrases because, as you know, nerve cells do not recover. Be wise, and life will become much more interesting.

Do not keep involved in the things you dislike

It is clear that a good job is not easy to find, but if you cannot decide about your preferences and you don’t linger anywhere for a long time at the age of 35 years, this is probably a reason to think that you are doing something wrong in this life. After all, even if you persuade yourself that you need to stay in this company because the salary is good and stable, you can very quickly start suffering from neuroses and depression (no additional bonus will save you then). Therefore, try to choose an occupation to your liking without making a deal with your conscience.

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