Getting Ready for Work in Just 7 Minutes


You need just seven minutes to get immersed into your work in the morning. Before you go to work, try to perform the following steps and you will see how your productivity and mood will change for the better. Are you ready?


Before you begin: get ready

First, you need to find a quiet place. A tip for those who work in offices of in some kind of an open space: it’s not your job. A car will not be helpful either – there are too many things that would be distracting. It is more convenient to stay in the lobby or on the balcony. You can arrive earlier not to be interrupted. In addition, you will need a notebook for records (make sure you bring a pen). And, of course, you need a watch. Otherwise, how will you follow the time and be sure that you have spent exactly the needed seven minutes?

Minute 1: clear your mind

We’re not going to go into religious matters or to arrange a sermon and urge everyone to meditate. But every person on the planet who has to work finds this rule vitally important to follow. You need to clear your mind. Put aside your phone with many incoming calls and your iPad as well. During the next seven minutes, they will not be needed. Clear your head of all thoughts: you need to come to work, try to forget about domestic affairs, and take a deep breath.

Minute 2: breathe a little

Stress and pressure can be handled in different ways. But in any case, deep breathing calms and helps to focus. Following your breath is helpful throughout the day. Early in the morning, this serves as a warm-up to stop the flow of thoughts and change its direction the way you need. Just sit quietly and breathe.

Minutes 3-6: take notes and draw

I am writing in my notebook all day long, as soon as I wake up and drink a cup of coffee and up to the moment when I have to go to bed. At meetings and conferences in particular. But what you have to do now has nothing to do with taking notes or keeping a personal diary. As soon as you arrive at work, write down in your notebook the first five thoughts that came to your mind. Draw them in the form of sketches or doodles. It is a way to set priorities and decide what is important to you and what is secondary. Do not get obsessed with their design; you’d better focus on your thoughts.

Minute 7: analyze

After you make a few notes, look at the watch and make sure that you have managed to jot down everything and you still have one minute left. Now you can start to analyze. Review your notes for the second time. Think about what you have written and why. Select only one item from your list during the last 30 seconds and focus on it. For example, if you take a quick note about the report that you need to finish, focus on this problem and think about how you are going to deal with it today.

That’s all. Seven minutes. We recommend following this simple plan every day: it will be easier to tune yourself, to get down to work and go into the duties, as well as to choose the priorities. Try to stick to this procedure at least for a week. And the results will surprise you.