How to Behave If You Forget Someone’s Name

It does not matter if the name of your new friend escaped your memory after just a minute. The main thing is to keep in mind a few simple techniques that will help to get out of an awkward situation. We will tell you about them.


It is not always possible to memorize new names, is it? Take into consideration five proven tactics and remember the procedure in case they do not work.

1. Ask the person to write his/her name in your phone

This is the most logical and effective method. Just ask your friend to write his/her name and phone number in the address book of your smartphone. The arguments are great: you want to stay in touch in the future and at the same time are afraid to make a mistake in writing. A brave victorious attack without casualties.

2. Ask for an e-mail

10 years ago, electronic mail was predicted a bitter fate. The advance of cell phones and Internet telephony was very strong, and it seemed that progressive mankind was about to give up correspondence. Today, the situation has turned the other way around: phone calls have become so distracting that Western experts believe them to be signs of unprofessional behavior.

Each of us has several e-mail accounts, which certainly include a business e-mail. This is the mail you are expected to share with new friends as it indicates your name and surname.

Ask for the e-mail, and you will most likely hear the most desired information.

3. Involve a third person in the conversation

Getting acquainted with a new friend in your life often happens at a cultural event. It can be a movie, a seminar, a party, and absolutely any event with a lot of strangers and a few familiar people. Familiar people can be used for your needs.

There is nothing complicated in it: you call a friend and invite him/her to get acquainted with your new friend. The latter has no choice, but to give his/her name in return.

Mutual acquaintances can be useful even after you survive the entire conversation using pronouns. Sitting quietly in a corner, point to the person you are interested in and ask his/her name.

4. Exchange business cards

Someone thinks business cards to be a small relic of the past, but for others they are a proven means of sharing information. Looking at the pile of cut cardboard, it is hard to disagree with the first group, but it would be a mistake to refute the arguments of the second group as well. Still, we live in the era of mobile gadgets with their convenient means of recognizing business cards.

Which one do you prefer: paper or electronic? There is no difference as you will still know the name of your contact.

5. Inquire about the origin of the name

Almost always, the name and surname of a person is hiding a long story. If you are sure that there is a man with a remarkable name before you, ask about its origin immediately. If a person has quite an ordinary name, inquire in whose honor it was given. Any further story will give you the forgotten details. Moreover, the “passport” conversation can be really entertaining – you will not only have fun, but will know a person a little better.

6. Introduce yourself again at the end of the conversation

Let’s be objective: it must have happened that your name was forgotten too. As an adequate person, you did not feel anything wrong and introduced yourself again. People with unusual names do not behave unnatural under such circumstances. Then what should you be afraid of? Ending a conversation, admit politely and apologetically that there is a new hole in your mind and it would be nice to patch it. If you do not lack a sense of humor, the situation in general will change for the better. Just do not delay this moment: honest acquisition of one’s guilt and omission will help maintain the relationship which has just originated.

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