Dealing with Gossip at Work

If a person suffers from gossip in the workplace, or colleagues treat him bad, he or she feels ill at ease.

Colleagues gossiping in the office

The study at the University of British Columbia showed that people obsessed with this issue try all possible ways to find a confirmation of their guesses.

However, it annoys employees and only increases the likelihood of being rejected by the group. According to Karl Aquino, the leader of the research, the interest in such matters is natural for a human. We always want to know what colleagues think of us, especially if social recognition at work is directly linked to power and financial rewards.

In the meantime, the scientist encourages staff to maintain good relations, trying to ward off negative thoughts. Otherwise, the circle closes. It is better to resist gossip with kindness and a positive view of things, as the report published in the Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes journal says. Be kind and courteous to all your colleagues, then they will feel uncomfortable to gossip about you.