Cute Pet Pics Improve Work Performance

A surprising study was conducted by Japanese scientists. They found that the pictures or videos of cute kittens on the desktop or in the computer, do not distract from the work, but on the contrary, they help improve work performance.

The tests were conducted by the researchers from the University of Hiroshima. They found that people had significantly improved their work performance (agility, reaction time, attention) after looking at the pictures with lovely puppies or kittens. However, the pictures of adult animals did not work.

The explanation is quite simple. The images of kittens and puppies bring us great pleasure (thousands of views of the web pages with baby animals is a true confirmation of this fact), and it comes from childhood. Looking at baby animals, we feel a little childish, we feel warmth and care. This changes our subsequent behavior.

The authors of the study suggest that the so-called “cute objects” not only improve fine motor skills, but they also enhance other qualities needed for better work performance. They lead to a more cautious behavior and treating reality with more attention. For example, it is very important in such jobs as driving a car or office work.

Could your boss make you replace the wallpaper with puppies on your desktop after hearing such news?

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