How Do Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos & Larry Page Manage Their Mailboxes?

Quora users have learned how Tony Hsieh, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and others work with their mail.


Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos once told Jimmy Wales (the founder of Wikipedia) that all those who sent him letters either received an answer in 10 minutes or never.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Quora user David Sheen said that when he worked with Google in 2006, Page and Brin were asked this question at a conference. One of them said when he opened the mailbox he began to respond to emails from the top down and kept doing so as long as he wanted. The emails he did not reach remained unanswered. Some people were surprised to receive a response from the creator of Google in 5 minutes after sending the question.

Steve Jobs

Raul Gutierrez met with Jobs in Paris. Later, he wrote him emails, and Jobs responded to every email. If Raul sent a letter in the afternoon, the answer came in a few days, but it never failed to come. And if the letter was sent at night, Jobs responded almost instantly. When Raul asked about how Jobs found time to chat like that, Steve said he believed it was important to communicate with ordinary people and to know their opinion.

Bill Gates

In the interview, Gates said that he got not more than 40-50 letters a day. Apparently, his assistants coped with the remaining letters. He said he looked through short letters and answered them in the morning, and then at night he returned to bigger ones.

Tony Hsieh

Tony Hsieh, the founder of Zappos, hired a team of four people to cope with emails. Openness is part of the corporate culture of Zappos, so they try to work with each incoming letter. By the way, the official name of the position for these four people is email ninja.

How many letters are you dealing with? And are there any secrets that help you cope with them?

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