Beautiful Women Get Job Refusals More Often

It turns out, that beautiful women often have to come to terms with job refusals, which are made based on their good appearances. Why would you think it is so?

According to the latest study, which was held by the scientists from the Denver Business School (University of Colorado), beautiful women are rarely appointed to certain, typically ”masculine” positions, such as financial director or mechanical engineer.

Respondents in the study were given pictures and a list of vacancies. Beautiful women were mostly offered typical ”female” occupations, such as receptionist.

Beautiful Women Get Job Refusals More Often

However, the study has some good news as well. Employers prefer more beautiful women when it comes to the non-masculine occupations. Moreover, the study reported the following pattern: the more beautiful the woman is, the higher her wages and the more prestigious her diploma is; attractive ladies are also lucky when it comes to loyalty from courts, or voters if they happen to be running in some elections.

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