8 Ways to Survive the First Working Day after Vacation

The most horrifying thing about a vacation is that you have to return after a week or two of complete relaxation, where the only thing you need to do is to do nothing. But now it’s time to get back to real life, struggling to gather strength, sit down at the computer, cope with the huge amount of incoming letters, and finally plunge into the normal working routine.


Even if during the holidays you have not crossed several time zones, we do not blame you for the haggard look. Unfortunately, people think otherwise at the office – everyone thinks that you will come back after having a good rest.

Therefore, we offer six life hacks to help you survive the first day at the office. No one will realize that inside your mind you’re still on the beach.

1. Write a plan and stick to it


Maybe, you keep a task list on your smartphone or you prefer to record everything in the diary – it does not matter. In any case, make a list of the things that need to be made on the first day back. When it is impossible to focus or you do not know where to start, the list is a good way to stick to the schedule and perform the necessary minimum. Complex tasks should rather be moved to the end of the week.

2. Bring food to the office


In the office, there is nothing that distracts you from work more than food. So why not take some sweet snacks and share them with colleagues? This, of course, does not give the right to procrastinate and avoid performing your duties, but at least you will have an occasion to once again recollect the favorite moments of your trip.

3. Listen to music


Music is a clever technique to create a good atmosphere. Help yourself with your favorite vigorous songs. Now, if your eyes start to close from lack of sleep, just turn up the volume and get some good mood for the rest of the day.

Bonus: the headphones will also protect you from the colleagues and their requests.

4. Start talking about vacations


It’s no secret that people love to talk about themselves and their plans. This is the right day when you can provoke your colleagues for a stormy discussion. Turn to your neighbor and ask where he or she is going to spend his/her next vacation. If the trip is not planned, do not give up, ask the following question: “If it were possible, where would you go?” If there is no answer, address the next victim.

5. Stay out longer at lunchtime


The best way to avoid work is to run away from the office. Literally. Make your lunchtime a little longer than usual. Take friends and colleagues with you, or simply grab a book. If possible, find a place with an open veranda. It will seem to you that the holiday has not ended yet.

6. Plan something for the evening


Plan to gather with your friends after work. In such a way you will have a motivation to deal with the work affairs as soon as possible. Even if you suffer sitting in an office cell.

7. Save just one day for you to adapt


The best idea to survive the first day after the vacation is to spend it at home. Come back from the trip a day or two before the end of the vacation. In such a way you will not have to work all day long. It often helps to recover. Returning from doing nothing to everyday work is perceived much easier if there is a “bridge” – a day on which you are free to enjoy your own pace, unpack the suitcases, sweep the house and sleep enough – that is, you will be able to recover while doing something useful and having a little work.

8. Do not go to work on Monday


Do not think that you will lose a lot, if you spend an extra day of your vacation just to go to work on Tuesday. It is even better to plan the departure in order to come back to work on Friday. As a rule, your colleagues and your boss are less interested in work on Friday – they will not overload you because the weekend is coming. Over the weekend you will adapt to normal life.

Believe it or not, we also know what it is to come back from a vacation. Therefore, we will not reproach you, if you give it some slack on the first day after your comeback. Maybe, you have your own tricks to survive in the office? Share them in the comments.

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