Women Unaware of Breast Cancer Symptoms

A huge number of elderly women expose themselves to additional risk of breast cancer because of their own ignorance.
The scientists from the United Kingdom have found that half of the fair sex in this age group do not know any symptoms of mammary tumors except hardened spots on the body.


About a third of all the women suffering from breast cancer belong to the older age group that has already reached the age of 70 years. Early detection and treatment of this disease greatly increases the probability of defeating breast cancer.

Although the woman’s age is one of the risk factors, studies show that it is in this age group that the patients most often postpone their visit to the doctor when they discover the symptoms of breast cancer. This is due to the fact that many women simply do not take these symptoms seriously, while others are ashamed to talk about them.

For women over 70, five-year survival after breast cancer is possible in 93% of cases if the disease is at the early stage. However, this figure falls to 13% if the disease is detected at the stage of metastases development. That is why it is important to carefully examine the female body irrespective of her age and including older age groups.

Studies show that a half of elderly women do not know any symptoms of breast cancer except the appearance of bumps on the body. Other characteristic symptoms of mammary tumors include changes in the breasts shape, their size, skin or nipples. In any of the cases, the woman should go to a doctor for a thorough examination. Only then, the treatment can begin on time.

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