10 Happiest Jobs in the World

What makes a person happy is a question that every person answers differently. However, very few people can honestly say that their work brings them happiness and makes them smile every day. Those who want to change jobs will be delighted to see our list of the ten happiest professions in the world.


1. An assistant

When it comes to the position of a personal assistant, you often think of a blushing graduate of a university, who is constantly scolded by the tyrannical boss. This image is formed due to such films as “Entourage” and “The Devil Wears Prada”.

In fact, it is not so bad to be a personal assistant, and many personal assistants are very satisfied with their work.

2. A plumber

There is no doubt that plumbing constantly implies a lot of dirt. But dealing with dirt at work is much better than having to experience it in human relations. Most often, plumbers are their own masters and can focus on work without excessive pressure from the authorities.

Plumbing is one of the few blue-collar occupations, which will always be in demand and well-paid.

3. A scientist

One of the traits that unite all the jobs in this list is that they allow people to do what they love. This is especially true in case of scientists, who devote years to a favorite subject or study.

Although scientists are funded by the state and do not always get a lot of money and their projects are often closed, the demand for scientists is always high.

4. A gardener

It is unlikely that someone has ever seen an angry gardener trimming a lawn or pruning plants. In fact, this is one of the most enjoyable forms of physical labor. Maybe, gardeners do not get much money, but it’s one of the happiest professions.

Spending time with plants and flowers is just nice. This is what gardeners feel when they create beauty with their hands.

5. A doctor

Doctors save many lives, and this fact makes them one of the most important parts of society. Though it is hard to become a doctor, this profession is definitely worth it.

Satisfaction from such work is enormous, and we should not forget about the prestige. Few professions are valued as highly as doctors.

6. A marketing and PR manager

Managers in the sphere of marketing or public relations need to constantly survive in a highly competitive environment, experience the highest load and a constant need to invent something new. For some people, this is hell, but for others, it is a dream.

It is a dream job for those who love creativity, constant movement, and development, the ability to express themselves and variety.

7. A nurse

As a rule, all attention is focused on doctors, and nurses remain invisible while working. But they are often loved by many patients for their attention and care.

The work of a nurse implies constant stress and problems, but they love it.

Accelerated nursing programs and degrees can set you up well for a career in this enjoyable and rewarding field.

8. A teacher

One just has to recall how terrible each person can be in childhood. And one just has to imagine that teachers need to cope with 20-30 such children every day, and they do it with a smile! The best teachers have to be patient when dealing with their pupils, but they really like to work with kids. In fact, teachers are modern saints.

Teachers earn little and perform an incredible amount of work; the load is just terrible. Despite all of this, teaching is one of the happiest professions on the planet.

9. A hairdresser

A good hairdresser makes the process of styling your hair pleasant. It involves easy unobtrusive chattering, lack of tension and the atmosphere of distracting from daily problems. It is not surprising that hair stylists are often satisfied with their work.

It is not difficult to understand why this is happening. The process of working is linked with useful acquaintances and is often combined with friendly socializing. Besides, both gardeners and hairdressers immediately see the results of their labor.

10. An engineer

Of all the professions in the world, engineers are the happiest. There are several good reasons for that. Engineers enjoy the creative process of solving complex problems. In addition, engineers, as well as scientists, can experiment with their own ideas. Like gardeners, they can see the results of their work. Moreover, the profession of an engineer is very popular. A combination of these factors makes engineers one of the happiest professions.

In nothing on the list makes your heart beat faster, maybe one of these jobs of the future would be an option for you?

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