World’s Most Extravagant Gadgets & Inventions

Designers sometimes present incredible things that are distinguished by an unusual design, but their usefulness sometimes seems doubtful. Nevertheless, each of these things is worth trying in practice. At least out of curiosity!

1. An extreme bed


This bed is made in the form of Dominic Wilcox’s favorite posture for sleep.

2. Tomatan feeding robot


The Japanese manufacturer of vegetable juices has released a wearable robot that is able to feed its owner tomatoes on the go.

3. A device for touch-free handshakes


The device for a handshake without touching has been created in order to help people overcome their mutual dislike and make the first step towards reconciliation.

4. A pedal-free running bike for adults


A strange bike with wheels, but without pedals.

5. An urinator


A hygienic device that will allow women to urinate while standing.

6. GPS-shoes


Footwear for children and the elderly with a built-in GPS module, which transmits information about their movements and sends the coordinates of their location to the guardian’s smartphone.

7. A stone for skipping on water


A designer’s stone for skipping over the surface of water with a cover that is attached to the trouser belt.

8. The trolley-bike


An amusing vehicle to go shopping with fun.

9. Head-shaped urn for ashes


Cremation Solutions funeral urns that are a replica of the deceased person’s face.

10. A mask with a stylus


A funny mask with a stylus developed by Dominic Wilcox, which enables you to control the phone with the help of your nose.

11. “Hairy” tights


The tights with the imitation of thick hair, which are designed to protect ladies from murderers and rapists.

12. A table on a tree


A table designed to work on a tree.

13. Jeans with eyes


Bold jeans with eyes on the buttocks, which will surely help the girls to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

14. Binaudios


An unusual device Binaudios by Dominic Wilcox, which will allow hearing the noise of the city.

15. KUSA flip-flops with grass


Original beach flip-flops with synthetic grass.

16. A bra dryer


An original dryer for bras.

17. Watermelon cooler


A portable device for storing, cooling and heating watermelons.

18. A washing machine with a sink


A washing machine with a sink, which will save much space in the bathroom.

19. “Mood” ears


Cat’s ears, which change their position depending on the brainwaves.

20. Barbie Dolls Head ankle boots


Extravagant Jeffrey Campbell shoes on a transparent wedge, featuring the heads of Barbie and Ken dolls.