Wear-on-you Furniture for Travelers

There are many marvelous places in this world providing unforgettable sights, unique vistas and eyebrow-raising spectacles, but most of them suffer from a serious drawback: there’s considerable difficulty in finding a seat to give your legs a well-earned break. If there are public seats chances are you are unlikely to gain an undisputed possession of them. Such small drawbacks may at times eliminate most of the joy you feel in being out there, and you begin to wish you had a neatly folded chair in your backpack.


If you nod when reading it, why not consider wearing your seats on your shoulders? Undpartner has already taken care of that and offers you a convenient piece of wear-on-you furniture that will enable you to have a comfortable sit-down whenever and wherever you feel like it.

Undpartner’s solution suggests that, instead of dragging even the slimmest and lightest chairs along, you fold them and arrange around your shoulders where they look like a quaint and rather fetching ornament. A good way to be more independent outside your home, right?

Undpartner’s Char

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