Surgery for Voice Change?

In China, the fashion for voice change surgery is growing. After these procedures, the patient’s voice sounds lower or, on the contrary, higher.


Residents of China like surgeries for voice change that allow them to make their own voice more masculine or feminine. As a rule, such surgeries are offered to the people who are going through a sex change, but now they are popular among those who are not going to change themselves so dramatically.

It is known that the surgery for voice change poses the risk of completely losing the ability to speak, but the number of people who have undergone it in recent years has increased dramatically. Scientists say that a lot of Chinese people feel the pressure – they want to meet certain gender roles. Therefore, the men who believe that their voice does not sound masculine enough turn to the surgery to make their voices lower. The same applies to the fair sex, who feel that their voices are too rough. Thus, 23-year-old Liu Xi’an, who had been subjected to ridicule for years because of having too feminine voice, was one of the people who had a similar surgery.

According to Liu, his classmates and colleagues made fun of him for many years because of the voice, they called him a girl. He could not even find a girlfriend because they did not consider him a real man. The girls treated Liu as one of their girlfriends because of the voice. He did not change with puberty, and at his work in the call center the clients often took him for a woman.

Liu had a surgery, despite the obvious risks, and was pleased with the results. The procedure involved partial removal of the larynx cartilage and making Botox injections in the vocal cords.