5 Exercises Helping to Find Your Life Purpose

Do you know for sure if it is the right way that you are going? The answer to this question is pretty simple. If you get up every morning full of energy and creative ideas – you are on your way. If you hate the ringing of an alarm clock and get up with a bad mood – it’s time to change your job. Here are some exercises that will help you understand what you need to deal with in reality.


Exercise 1. Return the childish interest

Do you know the difference between a genius and a common man? A genius defends his right to do what he likes. Typically, this occurs at a very early age.

Ask yourself the question what you liked to do in your childhood. Ask this even before your parents began to convince you that “drawing will not bring you money” or that “dancing is not serious.” Write three things that you really were fascinated with as a child. This is a small tip where to seek.

Exercise 2: Looking for patterns: 20 favorite things

Now let’s make a list of 20 of your favorite activities. Let some of them seem commonplace to you (for example, eating a delicious meal) – write them down anyway. When the list is finished, look closely at these activities. Do you see the pattern? Maybe, the things related to helping people predominate on your list? Or any sports activities? Or matters connected with peaceful monotonous work?

You need to understand in which groups this list can be divided. It will help you understand what kind of life you want to live.

Exercise 3: Your ideal surroundings

If nobody believes in you, believing in yourself becomes even more difficult. That is why the environment that creates winners almost always consists of such winners. Unfortunately, the environment in which we are accustomed to developing does not facilitate the creation of geniuses.

Imagine that the world has changed overnight, yielding to your requests. And the next morning, it will be filled with the people you would like to see. What are these people like? What qualities do they possess? Maybe they are all creative, or, on the contrary, they are all A-students? Maybe they do everything quickly, or, on the contrary, you would like to slow down the world for them?

What have you learned about yourself and what do you need to fully express yourselves?

Exercise 4. Five Lives

Now imagine that you have five lives. And in each of them you can become what you want. How would you live these five lives?

This exercise, like the rest of them, can be adjusted to suit your taste. If you manage with three lives – take three of them. If you need ten lives – enjoy the process.

So, imagine that you dedicate one life to biology, the second one to a professional travel, the third life to having a big family with lots of children; the fourth life is given to being a sculptor, and the fifth life – to being an astronaut. What is your favorite one?

The most important thing here is to understand the following: if you have to choose just one life, even the one that you like best, you still will miss the rest. Because they are your integral part. In our heads, we have the idea of making a clear decision. And it’s sad.

In the world, there are people born for the sole purpose, but it is a rare exception. Each of your life contains something that you really like and what you really need. And you can bring it into your life.

Exercise 5. My perfect day

Now let us have a long walk to your imagination. Take a pen and a sheet of paper and start. So, how do you see your perfect day?

Live this day at the real time and with all the details: where do you wake up, what is the house like, who is lying close to you, what do you eat for breakfast, what clothes do you wear, what do you do, and what kind of work are you busy with, at home or in the office?

Do not restrain your imagination. Describe a day that you would live as if you had absolute freedom, unlimited funds and all the powers and abilities, which you have only dreamed of.

After the list is compiled, divide all your fantasies into three groups:

  • Which things do you need as much as the air?
  • What is optional, but still you would love to have it?
  • What are the things you can manage without?

Our life includes life experience, stories, roles, relationships, wages, skills. Sometimes we choose these notions. Sometimes what we call our choice is a compromise, in fact. Something may even be accidental. Something is not necessary and is very expensive. But this is not you.

Focus on yourself. Find what you love. And begin to move toward your destination.

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