Women Go under the Knife to Get a Perfect Profile

Modern women are in bigger need of a good profile than a perfect, wrinkle-free skin. British plastic surgeons have reported significant increase in the demand for the correction of the neck, chin, nose and buttocks, or the areas that are most useful when looking in the profile.


Private Clinic of Harley Street in London has reported a substantial increase in demand for plastic surgery that makes female profile attractive. They include microcannula liposuction which removes unwanted fat reserves and refreshes different areas of the body, as well as other similar operations, such as plastic surgeries of the neck, chin and cheeks. There is a growing demand for skin tightening and the removal of excess fat reserves on the hips.

All this testifies to the fact that modern women want to look beautiful, not only en face, but in the profile as well. It is natural that this trend should be led by such stars as Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Cara Delevingne, Kate Middleton and Nicole Kidman, who are beautiful from any angle. Among women, there is a growing demand for rhinoplasty, which is supposed to help them improve their silhouette in profile.

There is also the increase in the number of orders for the fat transplant procedure into the buttocks, during which all the “extra” fat is taken from other areas of the body. According to London’s plastic surgeons, five times more patients choose this procedure this year in comparison to the same period of 2013. However, the desire to have bigger buttocks has turned into a real mania for women from around the world.