Sleepsuit to Give You Perfect Sleeping Freedom

Remember the times when you had to fight hard to ward off dropping into a merciful slumber in an unsuitable situation? So many factors con and not one pro. And sometimes it would have been just the thing to do – snooze off for a while and then come to feeling fresh and revitalized.

Now we have one strong factor pro, the ability to get ensconced safely and comfortably – and practically anywhere!

Sleepsuit: Sweet Dreams and Comfort Anywhere

That’s what designer Forrest Jessee‘s brainchild, Sleepsuit, was made for. Made from interconnected rings of EVA foam, it is advertised as a “transportable and adjustable cocoon”, to be carried around folded in a briefcase or a bag, gotten out and donned on easily wherever you may feel like shutting the real world off and escaping into the pleasanter world of dreams. And looking like a cross between a quaint and rare creature and some gray rider that could have come straight from Tolkien’s saga.

Sleepsuit by Forrest Jessee: Sleeping Freedom

For sweet dreams to be helped along smoothly by reality, the Sleepsuit promises sufficient airflow and comfort in all the famous sleeping positions: face up, prone, curled up like a fetus.

And bear in mind that scientists recommend quick shuteyes during the day for better efficiency and creativity!

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