Quidditch Is the New Internet Photo Craze

One can find really “creative trends” in the internet. Every day, there appear more cases of crazy passion that are rapidly spreading around the world. The Daily Mail writes that one of the most recent Internet memes is the so-called “quidditching”.


Like most other similar Internet entertainments, such as “planking”, “leisure diving”, and “batmaning”, the new invention is a photo fad. It is based on the Quidditch team game, described in the famous books by Joanne Rowling about boy wizard Harry Potter. The rules do not matter: the main thing is that all the players fly on broomsticks.

One just has to hold a broomstick between the legs (some, however, use brushes, brooms and even umbrellas if they cannot find a broomstick – in fact, one uses anything that can be found) and jump higher, with the knees bent. A single camera click – and hundreds of “wizards” and “witches” can amaze their friends with their flying abilities. Many of the pictures are truly impressive, especially if you take the correct angle – from the bottom up. It creates the feeling that a person is really rushing across the sky on a broomstick.


The craze started among the Japanese youth and instantly captivated the Americans and the Europeans.

For several years, there has existed the International Quidditch Association, which unites hundreds of teams from the U.S., Canada and more than 13 other countries. They participate in the competition between universities and even organize matches for the World Cup championship.

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