Getting Big Boobs Didn’t Make Her More Loved

Bullying at school forced a German woman to completely reshape her body, but, alas, she did not win other people’s love.

A current model and a former bank clerk, Yvonne Bar from Germany has spent over 22,000 euros on three breast augmentation surgeries. Her boobs have increased from size 1 to size 6. The beauty also did a buttock lift and constantly injects Botox in her face to avoid wrinkles in the future.

Bar now makes money by posting her pictures on closed sites, available only by subscription. The 26-year-old girl admits: the plastic surgeries were the result of bullying. Her classmates insulted her in her youth because of the lack of curves.

Yvonne grew up and decided to become another copy of Kim Kardashian, whose appearance she considers the ideal of beauty. Bar told The Sun newspaper that when she had had her first boyfriend, she would always sleep in a bra. She would avoid swimming pools and beaches. She believed that only women with large breasts could be feminine.

However, the changes in the German woman’s body did not seem to have affected her personal life. According to her, she receives many compliments and invitations to parties on social networks, but in real life women look at her with condemnation, and guys are afraid to approach her because of modesty. Bar believes that many draw wrong conclusions about her moral values because of her appearance, so she just scares off the “good guys”.

“Wearing” her boobs hurts Yvonne’s neck, so she constantly walks and sleeps in supportive underwear. However, she does not regret what she has done.

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