Ad to Lighten Mood

Today I’d like to share an… ad. But, please, don’t close the window, as it’s not a promoted post. As for me, I normally just ignore ads. But I’ve recently seen one that impressed me. It’s the one of T-Mobile. This ad was filmed on Liverpool Street station in London. Its purpose is to explain the sense of T-Mobile’s slogan “Life’s For Sharing”. It looked pretty surprising and bizarre for the usual passerby, as not everybody started dancing at the same time, so it seemed that passerby just like them got involved in the dance one by one. 8 weeks of rehearsal at nights, when the station is closed, 400 dancers, 10 hidden cameras and only one single take! And – voila – the whole station was dancing. I find this ad truly amazing, it’s so rememberable. Brilliant idea!

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