5 Dances to Get a Beach Body Fast

Dancing seems more fun than serious training. However, if you attend at least a couple of classes, it will become clear that this is a great way to improve your body with pleasure and without excessive effort. Dancing will involve those muscles that remain relaxed, even with the most serious load in the gym. Today we will tell you what dance classes will help to quickly get a beach body by the summer and how dance classes are held.

BODY ballet

Ballet is the most difficult sport. You come to this conclusion almost immediately, as soon as you find yourself in the first position in a hall with mirrors. The so-called “turnout” is formed in dancers since early childhood, whereas an average person is flexible only to a certain extent. To just place your legs correctly and straighten your body, you need to strain much more than during any kind of push-ups with weights.

At the beginning of a class, they will suggest performing a lot of exercises on the muscles of the back, legs, and feet, stretching and strengthening. Interestingly, even people with good physical shape can perform as much as 50-60% and speaking of stretching, the majority can do this exercise only up to 40%.

Ballerinas do everything “perfectly well”, and with unreal ease. After one such training, you can understand how much hard work a few steps around the stage and a couple of turns required. You immediately feel deep respect for this type of art and you realize why tickets to a ballet performance cost a lot of money.

After strengthening exercises, it is proposed to perform several exercises with complex French names. When you leave the dance class, you come to realize that the posture is much easier to maintain now, your gait is better, and there is a feeling of flight. Tightened abdominal muscles make it clear that you need to take advantage of this body exercise.

Jazz modern

Unlike classical ballet, this variation of dance is less stressful, but not at all easier. Warming up is also very different – the instructor shows some simple movements and says that if you repeat them at home 10-15 times, the figure will get better.

Many elements of dance are very simple at first glance, but they require serious physical shape. For example, no one can quickly get up from a prone position without the help of hands. To perform such a trick, people need to have very strong back muscles.

To make your back stronger and more elastic, you need to learn how to pull it. To do this, the instructor suggests that you stand with your back to the wall and then slowly bend and touch your feet with your fingers. A simple movement that requires a lot of skill. Jazz modern gives a feeling of freedom and lightness. After 45 minutes of training, you can feel back muscles, lower abdominals, and the muscles on the back of the thigh.

Jazz Funk

This trend in dancing makes you think and sweat. A lot of people come to such classes. Judging by their skills, they are regularly engaged in hip-hop, Latin and club dances: the person’s movements immediately make it clear what background they have. Any dance gives you the opportunity to feel comfortable in a variety of situations because each of those learned moves helps to go further and challenge your intellectual and physical skills. In addition, Jazz-funk also provides an opportunity to move beautifully in a club or at a corporate party. It is not needed to memorize a sequence of moves, the main thing is to understand how the elements are connected or where you can insert a wave of the hand.

The class gives a feeling of participation in a dance TV show – it’s kind of fun, but also with good tension for the muscles. Its effect is pronounced if you look at the figures of those engaged in it regularly.

American Tribal Style Belly Dance

Tribal is a dance as difficult as the ballet in terms of physical exercises. In some way, it is even harder. To perform slow and smooth movements, like a female snake, you will have to train more than a month. But as a result, the muscles of the abdomen, back, arms, legs will be built thoroughly; you will get a feeling of balance and a more sensitive attitude to music.

Tribal is performed as a solo or group dance. In addition, many people love this dance because of the costumes. Numerous bracelets, bodice and a long skirt create a feeling of hypertrophied femininity.

It requires great efforts. Imagine that you are sweating in front of the mirror, trying to move some intricate abdominal muscle to the beat of the music. But as soon as you really begin to succeed, it immediately seems that you are elegant, magical and dramatically mysterious. You can immediately go on stage to astonish the audience with your talent.

At such classes, they love to talk about energy, femininity and natural beauty. The philosophy of this dance is something like yoga, equally mystical and showing unexpected life situations.

If you do not ponder about the goal and do not associate yourself with the radiance of divine power, you can simply create a very beautiful body. This will take not so much time. The main difference between dance practice and fitness is that after such classes there is no strong feeling of hunger. And this is exactly what makes it possible to work better on your figure.


Barre can be called a dance only conditionally. It does not offer any sequences of moves. But it gives you the stretch, without which ballet is nothing but ridiculous moves, and Jazz modern resembles the dances performed by the peoples of the north. Barre instructors focus on the elements of rhythmic gymnastics and make you feel your body from a new point of view.

These classes will perfectly complement other dance moves and styles and will allow you to learn how to be more elastic and more graceful.

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