7 Biggest Lies of Cosmetic Ads

“An anti-wrinkle cream”, “a mask for young skin” – we blindly believe these inscriptions. However, it is pointless: many instructions on the labels are just a marketing trick. Read why a night cream can be used in the afternoon and why the products marked “anti-age” can be used by twenty-year-olds.


I’m 24 years old, my skin is combined and very problematic. In addition to saving products for this very skin, my cosmetic products include a couple of “anti-age” sera, a few scrubs “for dry skin” and a jelly “for sensitive skin”. Instead of the “day” cream, I often choose the “night” one. It’s not that I’m a crazy maniac and like to buy all cosmetic innovations. The reason is that I do not trust the advertising labels on cans: you should pay attention only to the composition of the products and the needs of the skin. I share my secrets.

1. Anti-age cosmetics

The best situation is when this product contains a little AHA- acid, vitamins E and C and fatty oils – grape seeds, almond and macadamia. The worst (and the most widespread) case is when it is no different from the usual moisturizer. The majority of anti-age products can be safely used at any age, if you want to freshen up your skin a little and make it more elastic. Do not believe the horror stories that you will get old too soon, once you use an anti-aging serum. There are very few products which contain active substances.

Be careful: avoid the anti-age products, which contain vitamin A (retinol). It is really a powerful and unsafe ingredient that prevents the natural regeneration of the skin and is absolutely unnecessary at the age of 20.

2. Night cream

I remember being at a loss when I saw two cans of cream produced by the same brand – “day” and “night” creams respectively. The price differed by $10 in favor of the latter cream, the composition was identical but for the presence of olive oil in it. The “night cream” can be a little more nutritious than its “day” counterpart – it contains various oils, beeswax, flower extracts, vitamin E. Therefore, if you have dry skin, feel free to buy a good night cream and use it at any time. I do so in winter, and it saves my skin from peeling perfectly well.

Be careful: the cream labeled as “day cream” is unlikely to be nice for the evening. It usually contains light-reflecting particles and SPF, but sunbathing and shedding light at night is meaningless.

3. A mask for oily skin

It really contains clay, camphor, menthol or mint. Optional components are zinc and essential oils. This product can be applied on the inflamed areas and pimples that anyone may have, regardless of the skin type.

Be careful: Do not use this mask if you have rosacea – it traumatizes the skin and makes the vessels more noticeable.

4. A scrub for dry (sensitive) skin

It is ideal for oily and combined skin types. It contains fine abrasive particles and gently cleans the skin. If you have acne, thermonuclear exfoliants for oily skin, on the contrary, are strictly contraindicated: they dry and scratch the face, causing a new inflammation.

Be careful: do not abuse it. Even a mild scrub can be used 2-3 times a week. We need to preserve the upper layer of the epidermis.

5. Shampoo or a mask “for dyed hair”

These products simply contain many moisturizing agents – oil, keratin, vitamin E. They are ideal for curly and dried hair.

Be careful: choose a caring shampoo and not a color stabilizer: the latter will give your undyed hair a nice purple or orange color.

6. A scrub for “hands” or “feet”

A classical marketing trick. This is the normal body scrub poured into a smaller jar, with a price tag located slightly higher. If you are too lazy to make natural peeling, buy a ready-made one and feel free to use it on the limbs.

Be careful: a soft creamy body scrub for the body may fail to affect the feet – choose a hard and coarse cream with big particles of salt. It is also perfect for hands.

7. A cream for lips

You can easily use it on the eyelids. And vice versa. Typically, these are the products with absolutely identical compositions: light texture, much moisturizing and many resveratrol.

Be careful: in rare cases, eye cream can clog pores around lips – start with a little test.

Most importantly, remember: a cheerful team of various creams for elbows, lotions for cheeks, and neck peelings are pumping money out of you and nothing more. Indeed, we have not quite the same skin on different parts of the body, but the products for these sites are as similar as twins.

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