6 Weird Sex Traditions Worldwide

They are surprising, bizarre and even shocking! Sex seems to be the same for everyone in the world. However, in many countries the attitude to this intimate process does not correspond to our expectations and is unusual for the European mentality. Today, Geniusbeauty.com will tell you about the strangest sex traditions in different countries.


1. African countries

This mysterious continent is inhabited by various tribes, where a civilization remains unheard of. For example, in East Africa, in the Baganda tribe, there is a fertile tradition.

In order to harvest a lot of plantain – which is the main forage crop in the tribe – a family couple that is necessarily parents of twins must undertake the following ritual: a woman lies down in the field and places a plantain flower inside her womb. The man’s task is to extract the flower without his hands. If the ritual is performed successfully and quickly, it means that the harvest will be superb.

2. Sex with friends or guests in Kamchatka (Russia)

It is unlikely that a man from a modern metropolis would be glad if his wife had sex with a visiting friend. However, on Kamchatka and in some villages of the Chukchi and Eskimo it is the top honor “to share a wife” with the male visitor. If the spouse gets pregnant after this “episodic” sex, it will be considered real success!

These traditions have a reasonable explanation – these are the ways to help attract new genes into small tribes, many of which are blood relatives. As you know, incest is fraught with diseases in future generations.

3. A sex holiday in Japan

The country of cherry blossoms also has strange rituals associated with sex. Fertility holiday is an important day for the Japanese and an excellent occasion for men to wear their costumes, where the main decoration is a huge penis. Despite permanent employment and conservatism, all representatives of the stronger sex, participating in the festival on this day, can afford chasing women and yelling obscene words.

In the country of the rising sun, women have their own holiday – a vagina festival, during which a model of the female sexual organ of enormous size is carried along the streets; right from this organ an actress throws rice cakes into the crowd.

4. Sexy Tibet


The tradition of having no sex before marriage is relevant in many countries, but not in Tibet. After all, to receive a marriage proposal and to get married successfully any respectable girl needs to get ready – namely, to have sex with no less than ten sexual partners before marriage.

A huge plus and an additional advantage is the fact of having sex with male partners from other countries. The more men from abroad – the better.

5. Sex with the elderly in South America


Men from the Kagaba tribe are in no hurry to get married, even if they are in love with their partner. The reason is the strange marital tradition, according to which the future husband should lose his virginity with the elderly resident of the tribe.

This ritual is based on the fact that an aged woman is experienced and will not be able to get pregnant. Avoiding this kind of intercourse, the men from the tribe often escape in the jungle before wedding and hide there until the bride finds them.

6. A sex marathon in Bolivia

In Eastern Bolivia, the tribe of Sironi has a kind of foreplay, which can make a civilized human feel sick. Preparing to make love, a couple should first remove lice, ticks and fleas from each other’s body and then eat them.

Scientific studies have shown that the insects that live in this part of the country have a stimulating effect and allow prolonging the sexual act not for minutes, but for hours. After eating these little bugs, sex between partners can last up to 6 hours without a break.

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