7 Signs You Stick to the Wrong Diet

Did it happen again? Your diet ended in your feasting on all the delicious snacks that happened to fall your way? Halt before blaming your faulty willpower and give it another thought: what if you had gotten hold of the wrong diet?


It can be so: as a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association avers, there is no such thing as a wonder-diet that will guarantee one and all the desired weight loss. It’s something we all understand, yet it’s worth repeating: the diet for you is the diet you stick to with ease. Moreover, a lot of people choose the wrong diet, and no wonder they struggle with it afterwards. Dieticians say that success strongly depends on a long-time follow-up of a nutrition program that suits you.

But the point is: how do you know a diet suits you? You want to figure it out fast before you waste much time with it – so here are some tips that will help you.

There are many calories to cut

A diet that suggests you should cut on very many calories isn’t likely to be a good one. According to a study by the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, any diet insisting on 1,200 calories a day and less has better not be regarded seriously. The average woman needs up to 1,400 calories daily in any case – this amount keeps you from feeling hungry and tire too easily. If you don’t get enough calories you can get into starvation mode when you will begin to burn muscle.

Whole food groups are absent

Psychologically speaking, when you are told off a whole food group you may develop a craving for it. Besides, it can cause deficiencies in the long run. So – unless you are allergic or sensitive to any food group – you don’t need to stay away from it completely.

It clashes with your life

A diet is bound to turn out a failure if it interferes with your schedule and begins to be a drag expecting you to spend much time preparing your meals. Who wants extra burden? Then again, when you go with your friends to eat out, and your diet gets in the way of your pleasure time, you will want to do away with it. Any nutrition program should fit into your lifestyle nicely in order to work for you.

You are directed to eat the same stuff over and over

It is a sure way to get bored with your diet very soon. A good diet should be variegated for you to enjoy your meals. Nobody likes a diet that is repetitive.

It is too strict

Treating yourself to something nice now and again is practically a law of life. Consequently, a good program should make room for sporadic indulgencies and even actually teach you how and when you can break the rule. It is one of the things that make your diet agreeable. Also, a study published in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders reveals that carbs can bring up your leptin level, thus providing for a fuller feeling of satiety and a higher amount of calories burned within the following day.

Your meals are all liquid

Does your diet turn all your meals into drinks? Then there are grounds for suspicion: such kind of diet can be barely nutritious and give you an insufficient amount of calories. An all-liquid diet can also be conducive to developing digestive problems and make your metabolism slow down. What’s more, such diets often end up with overindulgence in solid food and, consequently, putting all the lost weight back on.

You are expected to eat what you don’t like

While any decent diet ought to leave the choice of foods with you, there are highly recommended foods that are healthy and provide for the necessary nutritious balance. But it’s a different proposition if you have to cram in something you really hate. You won’t be able to stick with this kind of eating for very long!

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