15 Weird Ideas Women Come to about Their Body

The media showers on us images of perfectly built models and actresses which incite envy and desire to emulate, making us feel inferior every time we come up to the mirror. How often on approaching the mirror we begin to pick at our appearance finding fault with the waist or cheekbones, thighs or lips. Considering how many options there are nowadays to make alterations to the body, it’s only natural that the idea to avail ourselves of the opportunity always hovers somewhere in the background. Here are some of the most common complaints about one’s appearance that are sure to be recognized instantly by thousands of women – and if you should come across one who doesn’t relate, you’re on a date with Angelina Jolie!

Having a thigh gap

This is probably the most looked-for item when we give ourselves the once-over in the mirror. If we don’t see it we feel disappointment and start shifting our legs a little and pushing our hips backward trying to make it appear. What joy if we succeed in bringing it out!

There are those obsessed with the desire of sporting a thigh gap – Kim Zolciak, a reality television celeb. Most of her pics strewn all over her media accounts show her striking rather artificial and not very comfortable poses as she pushes her chest forward, her buttocks back and working with her right hip to display a cute thigh gap.

Having protruding or darkish veins

You notice suddenly that your veins have become more pronounced than they used to be. By the way, it usually happens during pregnancy owing to stronger blood circulation. Nevertheless, veins standing out more than you would like is a natural phenomenon that can happen to everybody. On the other hand, as you gaze at your veins you get a distorted view of them – they begin to look darker and seem to jump at the eye. Remember that other people won’t go staring at them the way you do! So if you begin to notice people eyeing your veins you may be making it up.

Anyway, you can do something about it. Work on the veins with a spray tan or tanning lotion. If you think it doesn’t help and you are really deeply concerned about it, seek medical advice, there are things medicos can do to help.

Having hair mermaid style

There are women who are enchanted by long hair falling in waves on the breasts, even if they didn’t see The Blue Lagoon. The image of yourself with cascades of hair streaming down your front is too marvelous for words, you begin to think you won’t need those blouses any more with that kind of protection.

Anyway, what The Blue Lagoon did was increase dramatically the demand for hair growth potions and serums as women rushed to reproduce the charms of Brooke Shield. Then again, it is evocative of Eve at the dawn of time strutting about the Garden of Eden. While the notion is surely extremely captivating, few women can really get to growing such long hair and taking care of them daily. That can be a drag.

Getting cottage-cheese skin

As the skin on your thighs starts to go cottage-cheesy, you feel you have a reason to be worried! It looks ugly and you would gladly refrigerate yourself if you only could! Also, you are sure that the grossly unsmooth skin shows through your clothes. All the people you meet notice your blemish at once.

Besides, it is one of those things that grow worse with staring. You just can’t stop yourself from thinking about it, looking at it and feeling that your self-confidence is sliding down at a breakneck speed. Now what you have to do is stifle that habit and tell yourself strictly that it’s not your problem, it is every woman’s plague. Then, there are other sides of yourself that attract far more attention, so nobody minds your little spot of imperfection.

Looking more and more like a mother

No matter whether you have, or haven’t thought about that, there comes a day when you see your mother in the mirror. Of course many years ago your relatives stood in line to tell you that you took after your mom, but for you, it was nothing but a minor irritant. Some of them went so far as to hint that you looked like sisters when you grew up, but it was just a figure of speech for you. But now it happened!

Well, times have changed, now you realize how beautiful your mother is, and it was really a good thing that you took after her – or not? The idea is too queer to sink in quickly. Now you want to do something to yourself to play down the similarity. Dye your hair, start on a diet to look slenderer, get down to working out in earnest… Let’s see how long it will last.

All these fat layers…

These flabs all around your waist are only getting bigger. What if you could just rub them in or shear them off? It’s a shame you can’t do it that easy – getting rid of surplus fat quickly requires a good surgeon who will, incidentally, make your purse much lighter and inflict a deal of pain.

There is, naturally, and easier and far more affordable way – go enlist in a gym, get your body moving, check your meals to see if there is much soda and processed sugar. A month of living healthy, and you will have your fat dissolving slowly but surely.

Dealing with cheekbones

These cheekbones, why are they never right? They should be quite accentuated, but not very much, and they should be instantly recognizable as those. Sometimes we feel we only have them when we suck the cheeks in. Then the look is more or less right.

Now if you get to work with some dark foundation or contouring powder, you can come up with something reminding Gisele Bundchen’s beautifully shaped cheekbones. Also, some dieting seems to be called for. So, if you really wish to have cheekbones to be proud of, they require a little work and attention.

Struggling with uneven eyebrows

Somehow these eyebrows never manage to look exactly like one another – as soon as you perfect one of them, the other begins to look off. So you get to work on it which ends in the first eyebrow looking all wrong. Thus you got caught in a vicious circle that can mess up your eyebrows and your day.

While the plucking goes on, you totally regret having ignored the advice to let your natural eyebrows be – now you don’t know what to do and if you ever reach the stage where you can let them stay like they currently are. It turns out an incredibly unprofitable procedure, and you begin to consider tattooing them over. Are you serious?

The ghost of a double chin

At some dreadful moment, you look closely at the photo you just made – the angle is slightly upward – and you notice a new line running along your chin. Can it be that you have already started growing the second chin?

This terrifying addendum can cause a lot of chagrin as your friends post on their social profiles highly dubious pictures which somehow show your underchin lines for all the world to see clear as hell – couldn’t they reconsider posting such giveaway stuff? What a shame.

Suspicious smells

Another issue that rears its ugly head periodically is smells. Out of the blue, you are assaulted by what seems to be an unfamiliar smell coming from (parts of) your body which sets you sniffing in an attempt to determine whether it is obnoxious or all right. All these hormonal changes can let you down in terms of smell any time…

When it hits you next time – you are probably right! Hormones, the food you take, medicines – all of these produce effects that can change the way your body smells, too. Even temporary situations like dehydration can make your urine smell differently. You can get a more pungent smell from taking some medicines. And what about the effects of partaking of Indian or Mexican food in large quantities? They can also affect the way you smell. But that doesn’t go for you only – all people are subject to it.

On the other hand, as your body emits pheromones which attract the attention of males – which happens at certain periods – it often passes unnoticed or lessened by other, more powerful, smells.

If you’re struggling with unpleasant smells, the measures are obvious: thorough showers, carrying sprays in your handbag, a lighter diet – and, of course, a clear understanding that you’re not cursed, all women live with it and get by.

Having an enviable six-pack

The place where we most often want to suck ourselves in is the stomach. We do it now and again in a (vain) attempt to see that we have developed a nice set of abs. Sometimes it even looks as if we have! But then we let the air in, and things don’t look so good anymore…

So, chances are we wouldn’t want to sport our new bikinis any time this summer after all… What a pity. But the TV’s here to take our mind off unpleasant thoughts, so – with the help of some snacks and our favorite serial – we can forget about it until the next examination of our appearance.

Trying to look sexy but looking silly

Sometimes finding yourself at the mirror you try putting on a sexy, alluring look. It usually ends up in your bursting into laughter: no, it’s just unbearably silly! Nobody in their right mind could think it was even a little bit sexy. Can it be that you just haven’t got it in you? The very least you can do for yourself is give it a good try.

Consequently, you go lavishly on bright lipstick, tussle up your mane, put on your recently bought pushup bra and try again. There, that’s better. The trick is not to go into a giggling fit but feel yourself a woman out to conquer. Reveal your secret weapon and act with irrebuttable self-assurance.

Itching to be a supermodel

How often did you feel like getting primed for modeling when you were sliding on your nylons? Watching how your legs are beginning to look firm and shapely, complete with a warm radiance, you have it dawn on you that you are no worse than any of these models you see on magazine covers. Consider the way your butt looks all packed up and so well outlined.

So, everything is fine and you’re feeling the world is in your pocket – from the moment you struggle into them to the moment you peel them down and watching your flesh being freed from their restraining force. These moments may not be so pleasing, but the rest of the time is quite rewarding!

Thinking about your nose

It seems like every celeb has already done it to their noses, and the more you get to hear about it, the oftener you think that maybe things should be done to your nose also! Now, is there any real reason for these thoughts? Stop fingering your nose and tell yourself your nose looks quite in harmony with the rest of your face.

Moreover, the nose job carries no guarantee that you will get a more prepossessing appearance. There is a sad story of Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze’s co-star in Dirty Dancing. Her nose job left her with a declining career, so there’s no telling how it will pan out eventually. So why not come round to appreciating your nose and not wanting to mess around with its shape? It has served you faithfully so far and ready to go on doing the same.

Cherishing the champagne-glass-on-your-derriere dream

Reviewing funny pictures on the Internet is not a bad thing, but why let them stick in your mind? This one about a champagne glass poised on a pushed-back butt surely looks great, but it is so great as to try and emulate? Are you dead sure you want to work your butt into the position to accommodate a glass? What for? If we focus on it, it looks more funny than sexy, and that’s the truth.

Of course, it’s a rather winning picture for Kim Kardashian, and there are times when her butt definitely causes envious pangs, but you are unlikely to repeat the feat, and we’re afraid there’s no video tutorial for it available. You can always use the pic for jokes and attempts doomed to failure for fun, though.

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