What to Do During Coronavirus Quarantine?

It was expected that sooner or later we would have to sit at home without contacting anyone. We are going to tell you how to benefit from self-isolation.

Sorting out the wardrobe

Cleaning is a long and uninteresting, though very necessary occupation. So there is rarely any energy left for the wardrobe, although stylists strongly recommend sorting out the cabinets as often as possible. We suggest acting decisively! Get all your clothes out of the closets and sort them: take your favorite and clean things back and say goodbye to what you haven’t worn in recent months (of course, not because of the different season).

Big wash

When you sort through cabinets, put the things that require special attention into a separate box. It’s time to fix and wash everything. The same thing should be done with the shoes – before you remove winter footwear to the farther shelf (it seems to be the right time), everything needs to be cleaned. By the way, we have already talked about the main rules of taking care of your shoes that can violate everything.

New looks

A long weekend at home is the best reason to compose new looks from old things. For example, there can be not the most obvious combinations of clothes: successful ones can be photographed to inspire you later.

Online shopping

You will surely understand that something is missing. You can find the necessary things in online stores. Many of them have reduced the cost of courier delivery and offered promotional codes for discounts.

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