What Makes People Happy?

Clean bedsheets are by far the main secret of human happiness, as shown by an opinion poll. These items were on the top of the list of things that made us feel good.


British sociologists have once again proved the validity of the statement that it is the simplest thing that makes our life happy. They conducted a survey among 2,000 people in the country to find out what circumstances or objects raised their level of happiness. It turned out that fresh bed linen was at the top of the list.

The second line contained the feeling of sun rays on the face, and the third line went to people’s gratitude or a good deed performed by a stranger. The desire to suddenly find the money was only on the fourth line, whereas the fifth item was to spend some time alone with yourself. The top ten also included a strong laughter that was supposed to cause the mouth ache; lying on the couch; some fresh bread; performing some things for other people and the feeling of freshness after taking a shower.

Due to another case study, it became known that the residents of the UK feel happy and experience positive emotions too rarely. Only one in eight admitted having these pleasant feelings more often than once a month. In nearly 20% of cases people do not have enough inspiration.

According to psychologist Dr. Paul Franklin, people find it relatively easy to determine what makes them happy and joyful, but unfortunately, they do not experience a large number of pleasant emotions. Meanwhile, positive feelings have a positive effect on human health, both physical and mental. In reality, each of us can do much more to raise the level of happiness. And this list shows that we do not need any excessive force or special circumstances for this.

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